After the resolution of a protest camp coal opponents inside of the hambach forest by the police against activists in the Rhenish brown coal district. On Thursday morning, the police started with the eviction of several occupied houses on the edge of the open cast mine Hambach.

The activists had occupied the empty houses in the Kerpen neighborhood of Manheim in the last week. The protest group brought a banner with the inscription “Manheim lives. Hambi remains” of one of the houses. The village of Manheim is to soft open-pit mines. During the eviction, a group of activists climbed to the roof of one of the houses.

A request for voluntary Leave of the houses, the Squatters, told the police in Aachen. The energy group RWE according to the police request for a criminal to be tried for trespassing. RWE is the owner of the occupied building.

on Wednesday evening, the police had disbanded a protest camp at the former sports ground of Manheim. The identity of 109 activists have been identified, a method for trespassing threatens. The Camp had been built “illegally”, police said. The premises on which the tent camp of the action Alliance by the end of the terrain was built, is also part of RWE.

brown coal – forest is not the same forest After brown coal mining, forestry, energy companies such as RWE, tens of thousands of hectares. However, the motto has disadvantages.


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