“In the interests of appeasement” as the Prime Minister said, some measures will be suspended for 6 months to then be further discussed. The “yellow Vests” have been able to block a decision which would have still elicited the ire of motorists: a new hardening of the technical control at the first of January 2019.

This measure affected almost 9 million of diesel. Surprisingly, the older (up to Euro standard 3, that is to say, a circulation up to 2006), would have been, themselves, exempt from this new control. The reason for this? The registration of the time had no measure of smoke opacity. It is therefore Impossible to rely legally on a regulatory reference. It is not the same for the diesels the more recent developments, of which the monitoring procedure provides indeed such a measure.

A further hardening is still scheduled for 2022

According to the Agency’s Technical Center (CTA), which manages the technical control, the number of cross-visits would have been able to jump 10% to 15% with the application of this new regulation. In effect, vehicles not realizing that the little trips, and that the mechanics are not brought to a proper temperature of operation are subject to fouling, which can lead to the opacity of their smoke.

This tightening of the control technique would have probably blocked these vehicles clogged. To successfully pass the counter-visit, their owners could be forced to repair or replace mechanical parts that are expensive, such as the EGR valve and the small electric motor that the command (from 400 to 1200 euros), a injector of diesel fuel (400 to 600 euros), or even the turbocharger (from 1 000 to 3 500 euros) or the particle filter (from 800 to 4 000 euros).

This tightening of the technical control would have intervened after a first sévérisation applied in may last, and which has resulted in an inflation of the test. It should normally be followed by a new hardening scheduled for 2022, which provides for the analysis of five gas pollutants. This device, known as the “5 gas”, would increase the number of cross-visits, touching the same, this time, newer vehicles. Remains to be seen whether the government will dare to stand in this schedule, established before the landing of the “yellow Vests”.


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