documentaries to the audience very well, Horror. Hardly one knows this better than Netflix. No wonder that the streaming service is now trying to bring both together. In “Home Haunted” – “” – reports to the marketing to the real people of your same real Horror stories. In the network, but for split reactions – and a lot of accusations, Netflix didn’t take it for the truth claim of the series too seriously.

The implementation is certainly more Horror than documentary. She immediately recalls the Nineties-ham “X-factor – the Unbelievable”. With: murmuring voice of the people, what is so Terrible tell. There are “trailing the scenes”, a dark cut-outs with creepy music and shock effects, and part of a lot of blood. In between, tell of the protagonists in the small circle of chairs, how much they took these events. Including close-UPS of the shocked response of friends and Relatives.

How a real slaughter-house “” really?

However, many Fans take the shipment to your premise, and do your doubts in the social networks. Whether you want to believe in ghosts and Aliens, is a different question. Finally, in psycho, it is quite logical to explain that the protagonists really believe that this is so. In the second of the five episodes, but that is not the case: In “the slaughter house” reports, two women and her nephew, as they had to in the Federal state New York in the Seventies under her crazy father growing up.

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urged the narratives, not only to a strange game where they had oranges on the ground rolling but was also a serial killer. Again and again he is said to have Strangers brought home to kill you, then bestial. In the Video he dances with the bloody corpse of a lady through the dark living room, his wife, and the tethered friend of the dead look. And the daughter of the stairs. The next Morning, they found the bloodied body in the basement, tells the lady in the chair circle.

Where is the serial killer?

Whether this is actually happening, however, is questionable. “Hundreds” should be killed, the women. The Problem: A serial killer on this scale is unknown in the Region, according to research by “Mashable”. The narratives were true, would have been discovered the murder series never. In the series it is said that the mother had suffocated him later with a pillow. In the series shown in the murders had been solved, therefore, never. It follows: The narrator of the series would be witnesses of Dozens of capital crimes, would be displayed but never. Because they also report to have after the death of the house destroyed, would you have done in addition to the Complicity also of the evidence-destruction guilty.

With the accusations confronted, claimed to be the producer of the series, Brett-Patrick Jenkins on Twitter, everything is so happened, as in the series shown. You have contacted the authorities. Ominously, he could not currently say, without harming people. “Mashable” hooked on Netflix and the local law enforcement authorities. Except for the Jenkins wanted to Express in the case of Netflix, nobody. The officials knew nothing of the Netflix discovered serial killer – and nothing from the supposedly more given to Prove. The Search is more difficult, because the “witnesses” from the Episode occur only under first name, and therefore hardly likely to be. Different by the way than the main characters of the other consequences that occur under your full name.

viewers are skeptical

Thereby you are fuelling the scepticism of the spectators but even more: A whole range of people, which occur in the series, have a reference to the Horror movie scene. Eryn McGarry, for example, reported in Episode 3 from the demon that followed you, has already been featured in the strip “The Blue Room” as a producer and supporting actor. Also, The main character of the first episode, Jason Hawkins, in the movie database IMDB dozens of entries in front of and behind the camera of a Horror flick.

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The question of whether Netflix has come up with the cases only, in the case of “slaughterhouse” but it is particularly urgent. In the rest of the stories about ghosts, the “victims” are the main characters. It should therefore be Fake stories, would be the main no one cast so affected. In “the slaughter house”, however, is a whole rats tail of another arises out of this question. Many of them would be of interest to the police burning. Finally, dozens of corpses would then be on the site buried, the Relatives and Acquaintances of the missing persons in the Region could be hope for enlightenment. The affected circle would go far beyond the narrator.

Netflix should strive so to quick enlightenment. It would not be finally for the first Time that film-makers say at the end, to tell a real story. When “Blair Witch Project” was an important Marketing Element, and also the Fargo series claims to be based on a history. The Coen brothers, who filmed the eponymous Film, openly acknowledged, to have chosen because it gives the story more emotional weight. However, they were also quickly for clarity – before the police began to investigate.


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