Hiroshi Fujiwara said “not like the boxes or the labels” when asked if there was a word to sum up his job. Since the 1980s, this creative, evolving between music, fashion and culture. His first brand name to Goodenough, regarded as that at the origin of the movement streetwear in Japan. Today, he partners with unique large clutches – Carhartt WIP, Converse, Nike, Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, Oakley, etc. – for collaborations under the name of the Fragment that are snapped up as soon as they leave.

success also checked with Moncler, in June last, when the delivery of the first pieces signed in the framework of the Genius project, a device inviting artists to reinterpret the down jacket. A few hours after they went on sale, most models were already out of stock. Including in the shops and corners of the brand in major department stores in Paris.

The second part of this co-publication is expected on 6 December. The program parkas with patches and removable inscriptions “to the south, to the west, to the north, to the east”, the mesh is decorated with snowflakes jacquard and liquettes fleece that should be a hit, as they combine references to old favourites such as the plaid shirt or sweater for après-ski.

a collaboration with another Model of the collection
Fragment x Moncler comic
by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Moncler

“I’ve always liked merge multiple identities to create a new one” , decrypts the person that originally made it known, in the mid-1980s, as a DJ in his country. At the time, he came home from London and New York with good number of disks hip-hop in its baggage – moreover, the arrival of this genre of music in Japan him. In parallel, this protocol generally took shape links with the Californian Shawn Stussy, a manufacturer of surfboards that began to scribble his name on t-shirts, thus launching the style streetwear under the label Stussy, on the west coast of the United States.

on the other side of the Pacific, the youth of japan falls head over high heels for this current via the label Goodenough Hiroshi Fujiwara. He also founded a rap group, a sign of chronic music for magazines that will be adapted to television. It becomes a sort of guru – the “godfather of Harajuku”, so it is dubbed in this district, tokyo, haunt of the youth. He already loves more the boxes, the labels, the tracks all along the lines.

in The early 2000s, he stops his mark for the benefit of the Fragment, a structure that connects the one-off projects with companies varied. Including with Starbucks for the development of a café on Omotesando, a street in Tokyo, where are located all the claws of western luxury.

For the past four months, his latest achievement took place in the upscale Ginza district, another district of the japanese capital squared by the great fashion, under the sign of The Suited. This store in the basement looks like a grocery store first need. Ray, t-shirts, hoodies , bag, accessories, and a multitude of gadgets packed in a packaging reminiscent of the boxes of Corn Flakes, packets of chips and other cans of soda. “today, I observe the changing world and trends through the prism of power , he commented. Although each culture maintains a special relationship with food, we can note some common evolutions in the way of supplies daily, Internet-related concerns that had not previously existed or reconciliations and mergers in the kitchen, or even between great leaders.” The vogue of collaborations, again and again.

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