The effect is striking. At each stop, the engine cuts out on its own after three seconds of downtime. Provided that the battery is sufficiently charged and that the driver operates the brake. As a modern car equipped with the stop & start system, the Honda Forza is based on its technology “IdlingStop” to save a few drops of gasoline to the fire. Thanks to a reservoir of a capacity of 11.5 litres, the japanese manufacturer announces a battery life of 490 km with a full. A value that is very optimistic.

About the year 2019, the style is evolving, gaining momentum, and the bubble becomes electrically adjustable. Honda

After several hundred test miles on the course very varied, we were never able to exceed 380 km (3.2 l/100 km). However it is still better than the competition. The Forza restarts in the space of a few milliseconds by turning the handle of the gas. But it is also possible to disconnect this device by flipping the switch installed on the right side of the handlebar. The left side hosts an army of buttons, which makes the driving position not very ergonomic to use. One of them provides the power adjustment of the bubble on an amplitude of 110 mm. The flashing is really poorly placed. On this vintage 2019 somewhat retouched and converted to the instrumentation mixed analog/digital, inside of the counters maintains a typo of another age. By contrast, the new Forza is put in the head simplify the daily life of its users.

A safe for two full-face helmets The ergonomics suffers from an army of buttons on the left side. Honda

like many cars, this scooter has a hands-free system that allows you to keep the key in the pocket. As they approached the spacecraft, the hazard lights are triggered, a sign that the lock unlocks. A rotary knob serves as the key. It lets you open the seat and access the trunk. It has been enlarged (+ 5.5 litres) and fully redesigned to accommodate two full-face helmets. This will change the life of many users. If the capacity increased to 53.5 litres is still a fair bit, Honda offers an optional top box that also works with the electronic key.

Still, the Forza neglects the comfort of the rear passenger. The seat angle is not ideal, the footrests located too high require to have the knees bent and the damping is really too firm. Failing to be a model of comfort, the Forza has become truly versatile. While the S-Wing lacked resources, its successor becomes involved in the traffic lanes without a second thought. The times are lively, and the top speed (about 130 km/h on the meter) is reached quickly. Still, the Forza made to pay dearly for its services. From 5099 euros. The version with top box 45 litre claims a supplement of € 450.

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