The classicism and so on

Paris will always be Paris, and Bristol will always be Bristol. Having undertaken, for the past six years, impressive renovation work has changed nothing. The lesser square metre may well have been re-imagined, one feels like before: well, just. On the counter of the reception, the cat, Fa-Raon has found his place. He sleeps serene: a sign which does not deceive. The Bristol, it is a friendly atmosphere, a story, marked since 1978 by the imprint of the owner – the group Oetker Collection, which has managed to imbue the place with a soul, a state of mind singular to a remains almost family.

The Bristol. SDP

he assumes his classicism, the palace of the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré knows how to get rid of codes too pinched, demonstrations, too ostentatious. The luxury of choice! In the suites, 100 rooms, all different, the changes have the subtlety of a kick from duster. Nothing jumps to mind, but an infinity of details give the extent of the change. To prune, clear up, trim, looks like a gardener. The bed covers most modern highlight to a line of duvets ethereal which invite you to laziness.

A decoration more refined, hues that are always soft and harmonious, highlighting original paintings and furniture of style Louis XV or Louis XVI. The nobility of the materials, the marble bathrooms, tapestries and curtains signed of houses deemed to be (Pierre Frey, Rubelli…), shows a refinement is also evident that discrete. Here, the art of French living does not increase with the neck. Distinction and elegance attention: the Bristol is still Bristol.

The Bristol Paris ( ; From 2 200 € per night.

In London as at home at Residence Inn by Marriott. Mike Caldwell

Designed as small apartments cozy, the suites of the new Residence Inn by Marriott (brand that specializes in long stays) floutent the border between hotel and home. Connected and functional, the suites are built around one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a work space separate. Located on Warwick Road in Earls Court, the building (319 suites) is located in the district of Kensington, popular with the expats.

The most? The breakfast, served free of charge every day, a laundry, a grocery store and a gym open H24, and a large panoramic terrace.

Residence Inn by Marriott, London, Kensington ( From 100 € per night.

Lyon, and soon in Paris… A unique collection of MiHotel. SDP

With MiHotel, Nathalie Grynbaum and Stephanie Mark have invented a mode of alternative accommodation, between the hotel, the room host and Airbnb, in full development. It is a collection of suites. Each one is unique, elegantly decorated and located in the city center. The surface area varies between 30 and 50 m2. To manage their fleet, which today counts close to thirty units, the entrepreneurs have designed a customer journey 100 % digital: online booking, receipt of the codes by SMS, app concierge, tablet available. Based in Lyon, MiHotel will arrive in Paris in 2019, at Nice, Bordeaux and Lille in 2020, and then to Lisbon, Brussels and Madrid.

MiHotel ( ; From 99 € per night.

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