What is the difference between Taillevent (Paris Viii), Roots (Paris IIe), Virtus (Paris Xii), Äponem (Vailhan, Herault), Auberge du Vert-Mont (Boeschepe, Nord) or The Marcel (Sète, Hérault)? In the plate and around it, nothing looks the same. Michelin, all of these restaurants are ranked 1-star.

This category contains 515 institutions, which makes it the most heterogeneous. There is something to eat and drink, cloths and towels, neighbourhood bistros, and gourmet dining, the chefs at the mode and other sub-sides, the future three-star and big boys decommissioned. Above all, it is the only one in which an innkeeper may end up without desired. The criterion: “A cuisine of great finesse. Is worth the step. First-class quality products, meticulous workmanship evident, flavours, consistency in the preparation of dishes”. In a word: it is good. But how good? Good at what price? Good in what context? Good with what …

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