How to join Nasa? How can I make its logo, one of the most known in the world, on a product that has nothing to do with the conquest of space? By sending a simple email to the administration responsible for the us space program. “We are reviewing all the projects, ensures Bert Ulrich of the department of communication of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. However, we will work ever with a brand of alcohol, cigarettes, or any business that would not be consistent with our values.

“The iconography of american returns an image of cool and urban appeals to the French public and that we want to decline in all of our collections”

Aurelie Goapper, responsible for coordination of the offer of the brand male Celio

It is also a question of sticking to the letter of the protocol listed (in detail) on the website of the organization. One can read for example: “In the case of a tee-shirt with the insignia of the Nasa affixed on the front, the logo of the company that manufactures it may appear on the label of the collar, the hem, on the sleeve, […] but not near our emblem, or in a place likely to impair its appearance.” The official confirmed: “We have a very specific set of specifications and are extremely vigilant, because everything else about Nasa is part of the public property of the american people. We do not sign a license agreement, exclusive or cobranding. We do not assume so no profit on these products.”

Heron Preston. Heron Preston

This basic approach, it is the one that has business with success, the French brand Celio. Launched at the end of the month of October, its collection in partnership with Nasa to jackets, backpacks, tracksuits, etc, has been placed in orbit in its stores. The idea of such an alliance came over to our style team during a research trip to New York, at the beginning of the year. There, derivative products, caps, sweat-shirts stamped with Nasa, such as those marked NYPD are everywhere, tells Aurélie Goapper, responsible for coordination of the offer of the brand male. The iconography of american returns an image of cool and urban appeals to the French public and that we want to decline in all our collections.

Meatball, the last logo that is snapped

The department of communications of the Nasa manages the trademark applications, the use of archives, for documentary and advises the cinema. Recently, it has been particularly busy for the shooting of the film, Damien Chazelle, First Man : the First Man on the Moon biopic on the life of Neil Armstrong.

Celio. Nasa

While the american organization celebrates its 60 years this year, it has been so widely requested by the people of fashion. These days, the “ Meatball ” (the acronym on a blue circle and crossed out by a red wing, official badge designed in 1959) and the “Worm” (logo red 1970s used until 1992) will lead so t-shirts Urban Outfitters, sneakers, Vans, jackets Celio and even the collection of streetwear for men of the very influential american designer Heron Preston (close to Kanye West and Virgil Abloh).

last year, always on the other side of the Atlantic, the famous claw bags Coach and the manufacturer of military clothing of Tennessee, Alpha Industries, re-visited these same codes. By 2020, lamps and low tables of the Swedish Ikea, carried out in collaboration with the organization, will be on sale. “The space, the search for a new world are universal themes. The logo Nasa is among the most recognizable on the planet. All assets that allow brands to expand their audience.”

37 million followers on Instagram

beyond a certain opportunism in marketing, it is the strength of his imagination “interplanetary” that the creators are looking for as the younger generations. a Child, I was fascinated by the idea of going into space, becoming an astronaut and, of course, by Nasa , tells the story of Heron Preston, 34 years of age. I’m not born during the Apollo program ; I haven’t seen Armstrong enter in the history of humanity, but I grew up with cult movies such as E. T. (1982) and Apollo 13 (1995). Hollywood is historically the best ambassador of the conquest of space, especially with more than 50 years fed the images of 2001, a space Odyssey (1968) Kubrick, and of Encounters of the third kind (1978) Spielberg. It is new for the millennials, fans of Gravity (2013) Interstellar (2014) First Man (2018)… today, the social networks add to this popularity, evidenced by the 2 million likes that has generated, on Monday night on Instagram, the small film of the landing of the probe InSight launched by Nasa on Mars.

Vans. Aimerito Photography

The american organization has on the sharing network, a community of 37 million subscribers. SpaceX, the company of space flight private reach 4 million! The work of Elon Musk and SpaceX, the dream of space travel for individuals, the exploration of Mars, all this is so exciting, resumes Heron Preston. We are experiencing a fantastic time. The dream has never been so close to reality .”


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