We have a greenhouse of 150 m2 in which we would like to grow various tropical plants: Banana tree, coffee tree, cacao, guava, carambolier, corossolier, vanilla, sugar cane, sapotillier, annones, passiflora food. What advice can you give us?

given the diversity of the species considered, it will be very difficult to properly respond to the requirements of each of them in a greenhouse as small dimensions, especially as some of them can reach large sizes.

It is therefore preferable to restrict the list to a range of crops with climatic requirements that are comparable, for example, by a wet tropical climate, seeking to recreate different layers of vegetation, from full light to shadow areas.

the height of The greenhouse would soon become a handicap if some species are to grow properly. It should be taken into account in the choice of plants as well as for their mode of conduct.

Two main points

For such an achievement, two points appear to be also essential:

first of All, the ability of facilities to maintain a high relative humidity of the air, especially when naturally hot, which requires a fogging system performance (reliability, regularity, ease of maintenance, water quality,…) and a good regulation of the pairing of temperature/humidity, one and the other are interdependent.

You will then need to achieve a culture substrate of high quality, allowing a good aeration of the roots, with a very good drainage of excess water. In fact, the tropical plants require to be watered very frequently in some periods. In addition, most of them grow naturally on a support of under-wood very organic low thickness.

These prerequisites being posed, it seems necessary then to consult specialized books to determine precisely the requirements of each species chosen for this project.


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