Overuse, sudden craving and compulsive purchase meet happily in our wardrobes. Some of the pieces, which are no longer nestle in the bottom of the drawers so that their potential can still be very interesting. Here are five methods to give them a second life:

1 – Match

there is Nothing better than an accessory to give a glamour to a garment which is lost. A shirt or jacket that the judge “old-fashioned” can simply become “vintage”. Just accompany these with a scarf, modern, jeans well cut or even sneakers in the air of the time. Simply changing your habits and take the opportunity to create new looks.

2 – Deviate from its primary role

This trousers was once the centerpiece of the costume the most impressive of his wardrobe is no more. He has aged. But perhaps could it become the bottom of a look more casual? Mixing the elements has become fashionable, mix-and-match trend is. A pants suit, that it was exclusively for the big occasions, with the most beautiful jacket, can become enchanting with a simple t-shirt when circumstances less conventional. The jumper a bit frayed can, itself, transform into a sweater of sport or even a pajamas. It is important to do the sort in the cabinet, but it is also essential to keep parts of the “second rank” of those moments of “farniente”.

3 – Use colouring textile

The trick perfect to restore its hours of glory with his clothes left behind. Color faded by the sun, worn… This technique, available in a multitude of drugstores, is as simple as it is effective: a textile dyeing directly in the washing machine. A pod for a product, a washing cycle, and this white t-shirt that has lost its luster with time becomes a black top, blue, green… as good As new. As many creative ideas as there are colours available, this practice is suitable for all parts of a closet.

4 – Swap or sell

The sites of resale explode in recent times. Those like Vinted is revolutionizing the used items and the second hand. There are also barter with sites such as Trocvestiare.com that will please the desires of renewal dress. Unnecessary cramming of the business that none of the previous techniques failed to revive, the flame is extinguished. We now just need to put it online. But it is not necessary to use this technique to continue to be crowded and accentuate the old clothes.

5 – Recycle

The solution the most (eco)that is responsible. H&M offers a voucher of 15% for all items brought. What better way to give new life to a garment that can be recycled, while giving themselves a good conscience. Marks and points of relay, such as lafibredutri.com also put at the disposal of the places of deposit to make an old jeans a new product brand-new.

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