On the High Line, one crowd, others walking, some scrambling. The old railway line converted into a promenade invites passers-by to discover the city from another angle. A breath of fresh air in the full urban land, away from the hubbub. The walkway winds to the mid-height of the skyscrapers, as if one progressed through each of them. The good news is that it extends, now, in the heart of the Hudson Yards, this resort just opened, located between the 30th and 34th Street on the west side of Manhattan. A big change for this neighborhood, where only the rails had, until then, the freedom of the city.

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“I had made the bet to create an olympic village for 2012 thinking that New York would be next on the list. Unfortunately it has not been the case, then it was necessary to imagine something else”, raconteDan Doctoroff, the president of the Hudson Yards and the former deputy mayor under the era of Bloomberg. Result? His dream has cost 25 billion dollars and controversy. With its apartments for sale, from $ 4.2 million, and its restaurants reserved for a wealthy clientele, this bubble is involved, undoubtedly, in a strong gentrification. Of course. But that removes nothing to the attractiveness of the place. Every day, the Vessel is filled with visitors. This structure, cocoon-shaped frame in copper reflector was designed by the renowned architect Thomas Heatherwick throne in the heart of the place as a ufo. What is it? Access to a breathtaking view? A work of art? Simply, a staircase! Where there is adventure, free of charge, as it is fun to climb to the top of the Eiffel tower. Some may think that the comparison is exaggerated, but it is to keep in mind as many were quick to criticize its futility.


For once, the architect has not tried to reach the sky, but rather to approach them in a new way the public space. “This structure takes on its full meaning, if, and only if, it is filled with world. It allows for a rethinking of the human interactions” , explains Stuart Wood, who worked alongside Thomas Heatherwick for the past seventeen years. This public space in three dimensions is inspired by the “stepwells” indians, these staircases carved into the rock. Go! The body follows the movement of the stairs. To the right one. And then the left one. You slalomez… and without you realizing it you are already on the heights. The wind you embrace and your gaze plunges to the interior of the structure to see these stairs, the image of a psychedelic design that draws this cone-like hive.

“Now that we have let go of this ufo in the middle of nature, everyone see what he wants, anyone and everyone can do what he wants. We want this to be only the beginning of an adventure, and as the Vessel grows to the creativity, that it will allow experiments, for example to accommodate artistic performances” , ” continues Stuart Wood. Wish realized. The next day, a fashion show will be held for several hours. This is the first step. Just opposite the Shed, a new cultural center, waits with his shell, Etfe, a plastic new generation.The image of a cube swollen and tight by strings, this structure designed by architects Liz Diller and David Rockwell may slip in a few minutes to extend and enlarge the space. The president explained:


“It is a “swiss army knife ” for the culture”, building on the flexibility and simultaneity of events, a structure in constant evolution.” Just as the performance of a very high level at the border of genres. Alex Poots, the artistic director, remembers the early days. “I was working in Manchester for the grand festival of contemporary art when I received this proposal from New York to accompany this project, without actually understanding the wishes of the team. They have revived three times before I accepted. Very quickly, I found myself participating in many meetings. It was awesome, I was around the table, with big names such as Frank McCourt, or Diane von Furstenberg. I proposed my idea to imagine artistic performances commissioned and, little by little, I have seen these people be in agreement with my vision.” alongside Dan Doctoroff, he embarks on this crazy adventure and begin to imagine, five years ago, the first performance, true exercises in style.

Performances and concerts in the program


The result is the height. In the month of April, Ben Whishaw put himself in the skin of Norma Jeane Baker alias Marilyn Monroe in a piece of theatre that addressed the issue of gender, while the producer Steve McQueen made the walls vibrate with five concerts tracing the afro-american music thanks to young rising stars. Since a few weeks, Björk is the program, and the performance of the trio, Reich, Richter, and Pärt continues to impress. The room is full, the audience contemplates the mural pieces by Gerhard Richter when suddenly in the crowd of voices arise. A dozen people disguised as tourists began a singing opera for about ten minutes, and then directs you into the next room to watch a film accompanied by an orchestra. On the wall, colored lines, which, over the music, grow up to recreate the works of the first room and then return to the initial state after a 20-minute concerto Arvo Pärt. The performance surpasses the original work, shows its depth, its complexity.

As to the last stage of the Hudson Yards, the mall, it is at first glance a mall in the us. A little smaller, a little more chic. The great luxury houses Cartier, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi alongside brands of fast fashion as H&M, Zara, Uniqlo. But looking more closely, the experience is quite innovative. Especially with the presence of Neiman Marcus, this iconic luxury department store founded in Dallas in 1907, opening, for the first time, an antenna in New York city. On three floors, it offers state of the art technology.


Even the fitting rooms are a pinnacle: screens and mirrors interactive, different lights, atmosphere… everything to make the purchasing process easier. In addition to the pop-up, a beauty salon, and especially spa with a double bed, LED LightStim for therapy. Forty minutes to the body, twenty-five to the face. The experience is intense but meant to regulate the voltage, to erase the appearance of dark circles, helping the circulation of blood. One thing is certain, it is ready to finish the day with a boost of energy, and stroll at Forty Five Ten, which has monopolized the fifth floor. This other brand on the texan, who plays arty, is on the shelves of all the hipsters. For man, for woman, vintage, design… each of the shops plunges into a different atmosphere. Sleek, minimalist, colorful, almost californian. It focuses as well on the eclectic, experimental. Each object is a golden nugget, selected with taste. It remains just to dream in front of a collection signed Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Celine, Gucci, Prada, Jill Sanders, and imagine yourself in a parallel world behind these windows in the glass block, made by Snarkitecture, a studio on the border between art and architecture, which has its own experimental exhibition on the second floor. This museum is the first of its kind. Their inspiration? A poem from Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark . “Impossible journey of a crew that is unlikely to find an inconceivable creature.” through the facilities very clean, the team is in search of strangers to reinterpret the materials, structures of daily life and reconsider our environment.


The time has spun at Hudson Yards. The sunset is reflected in the mirrors of the Vessel. In the distance, the river. The restaurants fill up, the night falls. The choice is of quality. Wild Ink, in a subdued atmosphere and design, offers a cuisine sino-american between vapors revisited, various raw fish or a duck with kumquat. On the top floor, Tak Room, a tribute to the America of the 1950s, wants to be an elite. For a two-count 500 dollars!!! The rich businessmen gather to talk about their second home in Florida and enjoy a Caesar salad made on a silver platter. In an excess of zeal, the master of the hotel ensures every moment of your comfort and worry about whether your piece of beef is to your liking, a meat hybrid between the Wagyu and japanese Black Angus. For dessert, the traditional chocolate cake.

If we should keep to a single address, this would no doubt Queensyard. Inspired by England, the chief Bogdan Danila manages to share the best of british gastronomy with elegance and correctness. Simply. A last look at the Vessel, it is empty but still lit.

address Book

Hotel Equinox

This is nothing other than the mark of fitness Equinox which opens for the first time in a hotel. The concept? Provide an experience of the most healthy with spa, fitness room, guest room equipped with a bed for the new generation of windows that darken. The hotel will open June 15. Expect $ 700 for a double room.



For 6 dollars a half hour, you can take advantage of this new space: a shared space for working, showering and even sleeping in a bed. The first among the other forty that will open in New York in the coming year. goto3den.com


Here, the manicure or the pedicure is done in a quiet, option meditation if you wish. And especially with non-toxic products. The idea is to feel at home in a decor scandinavian. dearsundays.com

Snark Park

Between architecture and art, the studio Snarkitecture has now its own exposure. Several times in the year, he will propose different facilities to expérimenter.snarkpark.com


English-style, the restaurant, with views of the Vessel, offers a cuisine refined and modern. queensyardnyc.com

Forty Five Ten

The fashion brand name texas is the perfect address of all connected. The pinnacle of luxury, artsy. fortyfiveten.com

The conservatory

Brian Bolke, who gave birth at Forty Five Ten, has just opened a new temple of fashion. Buy online… in real life. This is about it. Theconservatorynyc.com

Van Leeuwen

Ice cream 100 % made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the ice cream, vegan for those who want to, have become a fixture. A simple foodtruck, the team has even imposed to L. A. vanleeuwenicecream.com

Little Spain

see you at the ground floor of Hudson Yards for the best of the cuisine and the culture espagnole.littlespain.com

The edge

The next year will open the gateway in the glass a little more than 360 meters from the ground. The future highest view of New York.

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