The Hyundai Ioniq, the first vehicle available in both single hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100 % electric, has a makeover. On the outside, this discount will not transfigure not the Korean, who simply adopt a new grille (closed off on the electric version), rims redesigned, as well as shields and headlights, revised front and rear.

The Ioniq, electric could browse 294 km in a single charge. Hyundai

The cabin, he took advantage of a few touch-ups welcome. The perceived quality is in progress, and the new screen of 10.25 inches (optional) controlling the infotainment systems is more updated than the previous one. It gives access to the function “Multi-Bluetooth” that allows you to connect two smartphones to the vehicle simultaneously. The combined instrumentation digital 7-inch is standard on the electric version, but it will require a supplement to equip the two hybrid models.

Under the hood, only the electric version has been significantly modified. The capacity of the batteries has been increased from 28 kWh to 38.3 kWh. This would allow the Ioniq to make 294 km in a single charge depending on the manufacturer. The Korean has now adopted a charger, 7.2 kW (compared to 6.6 kW previously). If you manage to find a rare fast-charging station with a power of 100 kW, full electricity demand, according to Hyundai, 54 minutes. On the hybrid versions, in “Eco” mode, the paddles on the steering wheel are used to adjust the energy recovery during braking. But if the “Sport” mode is engaged, these commands will be used for shifting. The new Ioniq hybrid and plug-in hybrid will arrive in dealerships in July 2019. The electric model will follow in September.

The interior benefits from a few touch-ups welcome. Hyundai


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