65 years ago, the first quiz show went on German television on the air – as Jörg Pilawa emphasizes it. Since then, many have come and gone. Pilawa considers himself as a quiz show host, wacker and now comes with a new shipment around the corner. On Saturday, I know everything will be broadcast”!” – of course, at 20.15 clock.

“I know everything!”: The First in the Live stream Pilawa-Jauch-Show: The ARD-Mediathek”I know everything!”: Against celebrity experts in the first round

In the first round, it goes against the experts. Katarina Witt is a games expert for the “Olympic winter”, Rolando Villazon for “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, Tobias Moretti for “Thomas Mann”, as well as Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis as an expert for “The Windsors”.

Survives the candidate in the first round, he is up against the audience. 1000 spectators sitting in the Studio. “So many people there were in a quiz show never been in the audience,” said Pilawa. The candidate however, it is not against all 1000. For each question, he has the choice between women over or under 50, or men under or over 50.

“giants” are Jauch, Kunz and Assinger

Is managed, it’s still not about the prize money of 100,000 euros, but in the third round before the final. Against the “giants”. The – it is, after all, a Euro – vision show- the great Quizmaster of the German-speaking television. From Austria, Armin Assinger, Who is already since 2002, the local “millionaire?”-Variant, the “moderates million show”.

From Switzerland, Susanne Kunz sits as the only woman on the counterparty side at the giant table, and for ten years moderator of the quiz show “1 against 100″ on Swiss television. And Günther Jauch, the an audience of millions has ” “Who wants to be a millionaire” on RTL in Germany. And third you are allowed to consult each other and a common answer to choose, while the candidate listeners with sound-proof head and dark glasses of which will notice nothing.

Three rounds. But the candidates are not without. Including professors, doctors, a Museum Director, a Relative of Albert Einstein, a Quiz champion, and many of them are, for the “I know everything!” not the first quiz show, you will be greeted by the “giants” name.

In the ARD-Show, is 100.00 Euro and “spectacular know the fight”

wins Who answered then in the finals all five questions correctly, and the opponent eliminated, the prize money. Anyway, the first round is difficult for many.

“Spectacular know the fight”, “Extreme knowledge rounds” and “brainiacs” as a candidate – thus, the ARD wants to convince the Saturday audience. As the consignment arrives, it will show. “I wish for my new Saturday night show, that a touch of ‘A win’ on the Saturday night returns”, says Jörg Pilawa. For this year, a total of three screening dates are planned. After this Saturday it’s the 6. The month of October.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex RTL quiz show candidate does not reached Joker – then Jauch makes a nasty Tinder-Gag



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