such As the claim the “yellow vests” for over a month, the public authorities are they going to let it breathe motorists? Are they going to stop with the puncturing and take to milk cows? Nothing is less sure. Yet never the drivers have not been much hunted.

After a year in 2018 to be marked by an increase in the malus ecological, which now applies to vehicles, a tax on powerful cars, the limitation to 80 km/h on a large part of the secondary network, the Package Post-Parking (FPS) set in 800 French cities, but also a technical control sévérisé and more expensive, what can one inflict in addition to the drivers lights?

let’s Start with good news. Since 1 January 2019, the premium for the conversion is doubled for the 20% of households and the assets that do not pay taxes and who travel at least 60 miles every day to get to their place of work. It is thus necessary to fulfil many conditions to hope to take advantage of this bonus. It is possible to benefit up to 4,000 euros in aid for the purchase of a thermal vehicle, new or used, and up to 5 000 € for the purchase of an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, new or used. This measure is intended to clean up the car park and French.

price increase

If you purchase a recent vehicle will be facilitated to insure it will cost more in 2019. According to the index of the price of the insurance of individuals unveiled by the comparator insurance in 2019, you will need to spend between 1 % and 1.5% more than before to insure the vehicle.

And as an increase in never come alone, the price of the tolls is expected to increase more than expected this year. It could in fact climb from 1.8 % to 1.9 % according to the calculation rule in the concession contracts.

the trap of The malus écologique

If the penalty seems more merciful in 2019, it should not be forgotten that it will be based on the cycle WLTP. Rights reserved

Although the trigger threshold of the malus ecological change from 120 to 117 g/km of C02, the penalty maximum (10 500 €) applies from 191 g/km compared to 185 g/km previously. In addition, the prices of most of the slices down to 8 € (123 g/km) up to 1 830 € (184 g/km). However, it is too early to draw the conclusion that the cost caused by the malus ecological has been reduced. The new cycle of registration of the consumption WLTP effective this year, each vehicle will see its CO2 emissions to rise. So it is very likely that the penalty will cost much more expensive in reality.

This year, the cars will not only discriminated against on the basis of their CO2 emissions, since older vehicles with pellets Crit’air 5 and non-classified will prohibit access to the interior of the perimeter of the A86.

radars of increasingly deadly

from January 2019, the commissioning of the new “radar turrets” will begin. These machines are able to identify several types of offences, such as crossings, traffic lights, railway level crossings, and of course speeding. They fail to board all radar repressive, hence their classification in the category of radar decoys. But be careful, the radar is moved to a cabin in the cabin in order that the motorists may not be able to locate it. It will anyway be impossible to detect with the naked eye, as a mirror film will be installed on the windows to hide the interior of the cabin.

In case you have discovered a miracle method to escape these high-tech systems, radar, – board managed by private companies should become the norm in the whole of France-current 2019. Is it reasonable to take such measures in the current context? The new and expensive “super-radar” will not follow the dismal fate of the cabins put out of harm’s way in recent weeks by France, angry? One may wonder if these unmarked vehicles service bureaus are not going to excite a little more “yellow vests”? Is this the time to throw oil on the fire?

The effect “yellow vests”

The year 2019 will therefore, once again, not all pink for motorists, but we can take comfort in thinking that one has avoided the worst. The movement of the “yellow vests” has in effect amended the plans by the public authorities, we are sparing at the same time of additional fees. The pick-up truck with a double cabin and 5 seats will certainly be more exempt from the tax on company cars (TVS) at the 1st of January, but the exemption regarding their malus ecological will end in July 2019.

The new pollution control of diesel vehicles (roadworthiness tests) supposed to enter into force, also, on the first of January, is postponed for 6 months. When the carbon tax, the alignment of taxation between diesel and gasoline, and the increase of tax on diesel non-road, they have purely and simply been cancelled for 2019. So we can at least thank the yellow vests for this little breath of fresh air.

The users of the highways should see the tariff of tolls increase. 91177814/S. Kobold –

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