From our special envoy in Lech

Seen from above, the road should resemble that seen at the start of the Shining . It is necessary to fly to Zurich and take a car. Direction of the Vorarlberg. The bitumen in the laces goes through the mountains of the Tyrol. Of dark tunnels alternate with areas of dazzling. By the glass, the snow-capped peaks (we are at the beginning of the spring), steep cliffs. Austria is a dream. Arrived in Lech, a small village where farmers had settled centuries ago, and we leave Stanley Kubrick for The Melody of happiness . The time is stopped. In the Post, the waitresses are always dressed as Julie Andrews in the movie of Robert Wise. Change of scenery guaranteed. The bartender, in a green jacket and bow tie, has a false air of photographer Peter Beard. We arrive and the first glass to sip with the sound of the soundtrack of Case sensitive . Strange impression of being in Back to the future . The drive we will excuse for all these cinematic references, but they require that …

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