there are in mainland Greece, a small region where myths, history and tectonic meet with a rare harmony. This region austere, arid and isolated is named Mani. Of the three fingers of the Peloponnese plunges in the Mediterranean, it is the one in the middle, and by far the most mountainous. It is formed by the chain, long and tapering of the Taygetos, the mountain rises to over 2 400 metres, separates the plain of Sparta, and the Messenian gulf, but also the seas Aegean and Ionian at the end.

She finishes her race in cape town Ténare, where the ancient Greeks were the entrance to the Underworld. Never really submitted – nor by the Slavs, Franks, Venetians and Turks, who have tried, the Germany has always played a role of refuge. Organized in clans armed, the population lived entrenched in houses-towers where she was in terrible vendettas… More than 200 villages and hamlets fortified adorn this sublime rugged land. On the hillside steep …

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