If the success of Siargao, surfing spot, became a destination resort star of the Philippines, is undeniable, the adventure remains possible. The sport fishing is in full swing to Pilar, where large tuna, yellowfin tuna, swordfish-sailfish, marlin, mahi-mahi (mahimahi) and “tangigues”, a type of mackerel, are legion. Frederic de Backer, him, recommend doing the tour of the island on a scooter or van. He guarantees: “inside, it is a desert!” It is thus necessary to leave the city and go beyond the rice fields, bright green on the red earth, the buffalo, nonchalant to the shadow of the bicoques, stray dogs, hens and a few pigs black who hang around near the fences. Take the time to converse with the inhabitants: the population, poor and deeply catholic, is welcoming. Find, by chance, his creek postcard, as Alegria, at the northern tip. Or leap into the deep: “It’s so big here, there are still islands to discover”.

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elsewhere, the philippine government wants to avoid in Siargao syndrome Boracay. Boracay? This is the paradise island downtrodden by the mass tourism, which has been closed for six months in 2018 and recently reopened under control. To impose Siargao as a top destination for ecotourism in Asia, now is the time to prevent its uncontrolled growth. It was time.

deforestation of the mangrove was completed at Del Carmen

of course, the area is protected by the Department of environment and natural resources (DENR) since 1996. But most of the rules have never been applied. The influx of visitors has made evident the absence of waste management in the main cities. Or sorting, or recycling, or even discharge to sanitary. It is the urgency, with the treatment of wastewater.

Philippines_DOT Siartago

After years of waiting, the financing, however, seem to have unlocked, at least for two projects. Threatened beautiful fines, the accommodations that nibble on the 20 metres required between them and the shore, and activate updates to the standards. At the end of 2018, the DENR has tapped on the fingers of no less than 133 institutions of tourism, especially in General Luna. Another sign of hope, the deforestation of the mangrove was completed at Del Carmen. And the lagoon Sugba, busy, close now a month per year to revitalize themselves.

Erollejy Antallan, 21 years old, head of the association Siargao Environmental Awareness (SEA) Movement, which organizes training courses and the weekly cleaning of some beaches, also places the prohibition of containers for single-use plastic in the priorities. For the rest, it alternates between legal remedies and consultation with the local authorities. “But everything is technical. And everything is slow”, he breathed, resting his straw of bamboo.

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