2.446 km in the north of France, to the limit of the polar circle, it is a country of volcanoes, fjords, glaciers, hot springs and lava fields. A dream destination for adventurers. A “land of extremes and contrasts,” the “wild landscapes which, according to the sky and lighting, which evoke the beginning or the end of the world”, as read in The Routard. Iceland, the second largest island of Europe by its area -103.000 km2 – behind Great Britain, populated 330,000 souls inspire, you will have understood, the sense of wonder to lovers of big spaces.

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but here was a wonder of nature that is beyond imagination by its unusual beauty: the rift of Silfra. Take your fins, mask and snorkel, as well as a diving suit, waterproof, and brave the cold! At about 60 km from Reykjavík, the capital of the country, within the national park of Thingvellir, between two tectonic plates, this dive site with the cylinders and snorkeling is second to none. A splendor. The virtual tour proposed by Digital immersion for The Figaro in a rare video at 360° gives a taste.

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