Nobody is resistant to the teddy bear giant. Guilhem Séguin

Obviously, the species is better off in the City of Light, away from the polemics of the pyrenees. Since the end of October, the Gobelins district, between the Fifth and Thirteenth, is invaded by the teddy bear giant. They multiply in the shops, on the terrace or inside. The nice initiative is, however, no claim to artistic or ecological. Nothing to see, no more, with the flowering of Christmas decorations. Far from being a communication operation, the goal is pure: to deliver a dose of sweetness and humor in the midst of the fervor in the parisian neighborhood great.

the origin of this proliferation of fluff, there are the full of the merchants in the corner, behind Philippe, a “guy barré syndrome”, a bookshop on the avenue des Gobelins. For fun and also amusement, Philippe buys himself the lint and send a free immersion in the shops in the surrounding area, that have all melted in front of their big, round eyes. “The real story? Like everyone, I have a teddy bear. Mine is called Gorilla. One day, he told me: “Philippe, I am your security blanket, but as for me, I don’t have a security blanket, this is not normal”. I answer him: “This is not fake, get dressed, you look for one!”” tells mysteriously the bookseller. Today, individuals are many – “The cousins, it does not count”, he explains – and the largest, the “Pascal the Big Brother” of the tribe, is 2m40.

A beer for the bears Tribe of bears in the terrace. Pierre Clément

The time of the supremacy of the balls of hair come about? In some curious, the traders play in the perpetuation of a legend. The bears, which are a reminder of the presence of prehistoric, lived in seclusion at the edge of the forest in the île de france, far away from the men. How Planet of the Apes , the situation is reversed and the ursidés have decided to go into town. At each institution, his new employee, or customer. Pharmacy, hair salon, bakeries, opticians… All of which are involved in the operation by giving them sacred movement. The couple Merlet, wine merchants, of the Gobelins, is proud of Uncle Jules, their grizzly deck, a keeper of the huge wine barrel at the entrance. The library Marks to Pages, glasses on the tip of the snout, Aristotle consults peacefully the most recent arrivals in literature. Hosted by the national police, Starsky and Hutch, return of accelerated training. The terraces of the Manufacture and Bagelcorner, there are people hairy in the terrace!!! Some of them, conscientious of their health, are shawls and scarves. The bears also love to make a canvas of Warblers, enjoy a duck breast at the restaurant Etchegorry, or assist with the supply of salmon from the fishmonger Quoniam.

By consulting the page ” Facebook group-legged, one quickly realizes that some specimens are more close to the unbridled Ted that the wise Little Brown Bear. A representative of the species shows up at the daily in every possible situation: “fluff” in the subway, starting to exchange some kisses in the neck of a oursonne at the bar when the beaujolais nouveau it goes to the brain, and then in full décuve at his home. People are taking sympathy for him when, slipping on dead leaves, it ends up in walker up to the scanner of the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris. The comments of support are flowing in. Big Teddy bear takes the bull by the beast and now travels the city on a Vespa scooter. It is free area, on the weekends. The image of the dwarf garden of Amélie , he poses in front of the main monuments of Paris. The beautiful life! People take videos, the particular film their crazy evenings with the animals and merchants immortalize the birth of a cub, they post also.

A sweet honey-appreciated by locals and tourists Day after difficult, the arrival of the new beaujolais has done damage in the ursidés. The Teddy bear of the Goblins

large and Small are amazed, the first remain open-mouthed by crossing these stuffed animals from one end to the other of the district. Passers-by stop, smiles to lips, to observe and photograph the fluff of 1m34 and nearly 5kg. Some venture even a few hugs! Their neighboring humanoids are unanimous. They are “cute”, “sweet” and represent “a contribution to daily happiness”. The latest news morning, a group of bear cubs sat down at the Grand Hotel des Gobelins for a hearty breakfast before embarking on new escapades in the neighborhood.

These “distributors love” are hibernating for a long time in the neighborhood, warm in their caves all comfort: “As they are greedy, they have decided to do a big meeting on the day of the galette des rois in a theater to announce their next destination… Before coming back for a season 2!” says Philippe. The Manufacture des Gobelins has already requested the presence of ursidés for his exhibition end of the year.

For those tempted to adopt one, please note that the teddies are not for sale and that the brigade POGO (Protection of the Bear the Goblins Organized) to ensure against the abuse of animals. However, it is possible to pass free of charge 48 hours in the company of a bear, by sending a request message on the page Facebook! Drifting in this illusion of a world of care bears re-create, it is said that their brother Baloo was right: “It takes little to be happy.”

Teddy bear of the Goblins. Everywhere in the Gobelins area in Paris (Fifth and Thirteenth).

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