a year Ago, it was Saudi Arabia in the UN Commission for women’s rights elected with the votes of three European States. What sounds like Satire, is at the United Nations everyday.

In this context, one must read the recent complaint by the UN human rights Committee: He decided that a ban on the niqab violates the Public against the freedom of religion and human rights. Two in France sentenced Muslim women had written to the Committee in Geneva. Fortunately, the complaint by the UN human rights Committee is not legally binding.

in contrast to the Judgments of the European court of human rights, had been confirmed twice in recent years, the legality of a concealment prohibition, because it was “for a democratic society”. Also have the right to freedom of religion, respect for Private and family life or the prohibition of discrimination had not been violated, the justification.

But this interpretation of the law in the sense of liberal democracy seems to be increasingly under pressure, as a recent judgment evidenced by this European court of human rights. A native Austrian, was sentenced in Vienna to a fine of 480 euros, because she had been told, the relationship of the 56-year-old Mohammed, with a child, you call today, pedophilia. She looked to her right to freedom of expression violated and complained in Strasbourg.

But the European court of human rights did not follow your reasoning. The Austrian courts had carefully weighed the rights of the woman with the rights of others to protection of their religious feelings. Their Expression are likely to threaten the religious peace in Austria.

The is in fact a great Good. But he is threatened, if one refers to traditional facts about the married life of a religious founder? Christians have become accustomed to that sharp criticism and polemic against their religious Beliefs fall under freedom of expression. Shouldn’t that apply to all religions?


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