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the oral hygiene Smile is known is shrouded in so many myths, such as a brush bristle. To clean two or three minutes? An electric toothbrush is better, or the good old manual toothbrush? It is often forgotten that it is especially important, when you reach for the toothbrush.

everyone dressing up before going to bed his teeth. That does not protect fully against bacteria, however, few people know. Once out of the bed increased, you should attack before Breakfast for a toothbrush. Because of the nocturnal film of Bacteria is not removed before the main meal of the day, it converts the food taken sugar to acid.

After the meal, it’s time to Wait

Which, in turn, decomposes important minerals such as calcium and phosphate. Inevitably, this means that the tooth is more sensitive and more easily reduced. Who would not want to partout brushing before Breakfast teeth, should wait after a meal for at least half an hour before he takes to the brush. In this time, the saliva neutralizes the acid and restore a balanced pH in the oral cavity.

Generally speaking, the foreign exchange is to brush at Least two Times a day teeth and three minutes long. For Karius and Baktus in the spaces between the teeth are not too comfortable, may be also resorted more often to floss. In the case of the toothpaste, a criterion is essential: you have a high enough fluoride content (0,15 %) is a Must!



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