The famous definition of George Brummell applies to marvel at the Kia Sorento: it is elegant because it does not notice. Its lines, recently magnified, are beautifully understated. They are the work of Peter Schreyer, the great name of automotive design, and current boss of Kia. Same conclusion inside the cabin. A collection of screens has not invaded a dashboard-invoice-very classic. Good ergonomics allows everyone to find any on its brands. But the big Sorento is not suffering for all the deficiencies of the technological competition is more demonstrative. The latest news responding to the call, such as the automatic retention in the queue (active steering), adaptive cruise control, or the very practice camera 360°, giving a bird’s eye view of the vehicle during the maneuvers. In use, the car is full of small attentions. Thus, a block of commands that allows the two occupants of the third row, because the
Sorento has septplaces, to control the cooling of their space.

Under the hood is a diesel 200 hp shows it is sufficient to animate this large carcass. It might give a little less of the voice in the morning, but things returned in the order once the mechanics at the right temperature. An automatic transmission to 8 reports smooth agreeably to his character a little rough, while promoting the consumption. During a journey combining city, road and highway, it is set at a little more than 7 litres of diesel per 100 km, remarkable for a vehicle of this size.


At the wheel, it is not necessary to expect a behavior of small sports. With a mass of a little over 1.9 tonnes and a centre of gravity perched high, we are dealing with a vehicle rather quiet. But its stability is without reproach, and a suspension well-studied allows him to do to stay moderately in the curves. Silent once launched, the passengers profitentd’a glass roof that illuminates a cabin large and comfortable. Born rather adventurer in 2002, the Kia Sorento has been gentrified over the years. Fort-wheel drive, useful on roads snow-covered, it has moved in stages towards the SUV. Its beautiful mature makes him an interesting proposal.


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