Laurence Ferrari, journalist The Thinker in the garden of the Rodin museum (Vii). Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

Ex-star of the JT of TF1, the journalist Laurence Ferrari has joined the Radio Classic, where she hosted since the start of the slice info 12 h-14 h.

My last shot of heart: Jòia. This is my favorite of the season. The new restaurant of Hélène Darroze, where one feels so well and where everything is delicious. My main thing this year.

Jòia. 39, rue des Fasters (IIe). Tel.: 01 40 20 06 06.

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My addresses secret

Rodin Museum. This is my favorite museum. Also there, in a green setting, the wonders of Rodin and especially of Camille Claudel. I can spend hours looking at the reflections of marble and onyx these silhouettes green jade depicting four young women in the process of whispering…

Rodin Museum. 77, rue de Varenne (Vii). Tel.: 01 44 18 61 10.

The Café Angèle. A mini restaurant as a jewel in the rue Coquillière, with the best recipes gluten-free world! I can make an hour detour to come and buy the granola of Angela.

The Café Angèle. 34, rue Coquillière (Ie). Tel.: 09 80 61 25 49.

Carolina Ritzler, fashion designer Monster Melodies (Ier). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

Carolina Ritzler makes women sexy in combi-pants, the new uniform city! And the more she sings the jazz…A Parisian character who receives his clients in the shop-apartment.

My last shot of heart: Monster Melodies. This boutique-disk is magic, filled to the last inch of vinyl and turntables! I discovered this place by going to repair the cell of my deck. There are nuggets, such as records of Nina Simone and many others.

Monster Melodies. 9, rue des Unloaders (Ier).

My addresses secret

The Hotel Providence. The place is ideal for a drink in the quiet, in the heart of paris. There are different universes, marble mosaic and furniture melange. This place is inspiring, soothing and so good. A pleasant time guaranteed.

The Hotel Providence. 90, rue René-Boulanger (Xe).

rags to Fanny. In this rags warm, you can find real treasures, vintage pieces and unique. It has become my ritual on a Sunday on two! Sometimes a group of jazz lives there, I love to take the mic from time to time.

The rags of Fanny. 41, rue Jules-Vallès, Saint-Ouen (93).

Simon Baker, the director of the MEP The City (Ninth). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

The brit freshly arrived at the european House of photography expands the fields of the image to several disciplines and transforms the coffee into a place to live. In the meantime, it continues to take its brands in the capital.

My last blow of heart: The City. A new gallery of contemporary art hidden in the cité Bergère. For their opening, the gallery has scheduled an exhibition very cool, “The Fun Archaeology” of the French artist Thomas Mailaender (to see until the 24th of nov.).

The City. 14, cité Bergère neighborhood of paris (IXe).

My addresses secret

Kim Ly. The mother of the family to this chinese restaurant prepares dumplings house. You can also buy raw products to take away for cooking at home.

Kim-Ly. 15, rue Royer-Collard (Ve).

The Plac’Art Photo. One of the best bookstores in Paris. There is a remarkable selection of books, photos former (notably the japanese) and the new contemporary – and still finds…

The Plac’Art Photo. 12, street of the Spur (Life).

Hélène Darroze,
chef pastry Bontemps (Third). Bontemps

After you have opened the last month Jòia (IIe), the Landes star, in the middle of shooting “Top Chef” season 10, out comes a book of recipes entitled Jòia on 22 nov. (Ed. du Cherche Midi), pending the re-opening of its restaurant in the rue d’assas, beginning 2019.

My last blow of heart: The pastry Bontemps. She has just have a tea room behind the shop. Pastries, generous and full of femininity. And a shortbread from another world!

The pastry Bontemps. 57, rue de Bretagne (Iii).

My addresses secret

May Do. It is a restaurant of vietnamese cuisine. Our canteen with my girls. It is on the side of the house, the products are fresh and seasonal and the kitchen is just.

May Do. 23, boulevard du Montparnasse (Life).

Terroirs of the Future. This is certainly no longer a secret, but the freshness and the quality of their products are unbeatable. We have lots of producers or suppliers in common… and since Joia, we are a 5 minute walk to our market.

Terroirs of the Future. 3, 6, 7 and 8, Nile street (IIe).

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Laurent de Gourcuff, the patron saint of restaurants The retrospective of Gustav Klimt to the Workshop of the Lights (Eleventh). Culturespace. E. Spiller

After Giraffe and Parrot, the insatiable entrepreneur Laurent de Gourcuff opens Roxie in a few days, a restaurant concept music inspired by the show “Chicago”.

My last coup de coeur”: the retrospective of Gustav Klimt to the Workshop Lights. experience is completely unusual! A total immersion in the most beautiful paintings of the austrian painter to the sound of waltzes from Vienna. We went as a family, my children were captivated!

The Workshop of the Lights. 38, rue Saint-Maur (Xi).

My addresses secret

The space of Virtual Reality of MK2. And especially the Birdly, which realizes one of the dreams of the most ancients: to fly… I won’t say more…

MK2 VR in the MK Library. 160, avenue de France (Thirteenth century).

Roger The Frog. A bistro’s legendary left bank, canteen of Picasso and Saint-Exupéry (among others), where the frog is everywhere. A great culinary experience for novices!

Roger The Frog. 28, rue des Grands-Augustins (Life).

Charles Beigbeder, an entrepreneur, Castel (Life). BERNHARD WINKELMANN/Madame Figaro

Entrepreneur, investor, Charles Beigbeder is on all fronts. After you have opened in the Tenth of a store dedicated to the iconic white shirt, he just launched Quantonation, a new investment fund dedicated to future quantum technologies.

My last shot of heart: Eels. The restaurant where you will find bars caught the day before not far from Saint-Jean-de-Luz. The dishes are deliciously seasoned blends of herbs. It is here not far from the hôtel de Bourrienne, which is home to my latest creations. The last-born: the white shirts “Bourrienne, Paris X”.

Eels. 27, rue d’hauteville (Xe).

My addresses secret

Castel. The inevitable. Their Homes, and their pepper steaks and fries! Gigantic… My God… On the mythical tablecloths remake the world each night, as in the 1970s! With a novelty, in the Home, the new piano unearthed by Melinda, a nod to Kessel and cabarets russians…!

Castel. 15, rue Princesse (Life).

The Distillery of Paris. there was already the caterer enjoyed the habitues of the quartier du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, more than ever the Central Point of the empire of a Thousand Planets… but I’m talking about there to taste the amazing creations spirit of Nicolas Julhes and its gins and vodkas flavoured, the fruits of distillation and other processes that the age of 20 years shall, in no case know!

The Distillery of Paris. 54, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis (Xe).

Lorenz Baümer, jeweller the House of The whisky (Viii). The Home of Whisky

Lorenz Bäumer dusted off for the past 25 years the craft of the jeweller in creating works that are bold, inspired by the poetry, and architecture. Its pieces made by the best artisans give a twist to the place Vendôme.

My last stroke, heart: Bourienne. beautiful white shirts for men, mixture of inspirations of the past and of the modern lyric.

Bourienne. 58, rue d’hauteville (Xe).

My addresses secret

Galerie Gosserez. To the energy of Marie-Bérangère Gosserez, her enthusiasm, and her choice of designers sharp, whose cabinet-maker Valentin Loellmann.

Galerie Gosserez. 3, rue Debelleyme (Iii).

the Home of The whisky. This is the pinnacle of the whiskyothérapie with a team at the top and in particular the master in the field, Jean-Marc Aries. My favorite whiskey: Laphroaig.

the House of The whisky. 20, rue d’anjou (Viii).

Jules Plisson, rugby player Parakeet (IXe). Jérôme Galland

within the rugby team of Stade Français Paris, he embodies the City of Light. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine there is a 27-year-old Jules Plisson has been formed at the club. And evolving for the past eight years in the first team, to the position of half open. “It is hard to play for a club where there is the name of your city, especially when, like me, you’ve always lived here. I feel a special representative of Paris”, presents the international player (15 caps in French team).

My last shot of heart: Parakeet. This summer, my friends I have organized my birthday at Parakeet at the top of the Printemps Haussmann. It just has to be redone. It is a rooftop, with a bar outside, where you can see all the monuments of Paris. And the dishes are really very good. I recommend especially the grilled octopus with lemon confit.

Parakeet. 9th floor of the Spring of the Man. 2, rue du Havre (IXe). Tel.: 01 42 82 60 00.

My addresses secret

Itacoa. This restaurant has been recently opened by a former player of Racing, Casey Laulala ( a former All Black, editor’s NOTE ). There is a small terrace. For brunch, it is really nice. Just like tapas, sandwiches style vegan to share. The chef, Rafael Gomes, cooking only with fresh products from small producers. And the menu changes regularly. Already, this is not the same at lunchtime and in the evening…

Itacoa. 185, rue Saint-Denis (IIe). Tel.: 09 50 48 35 78.

The Marches. In a different spirit, that of the Road, I go regularly to the Market, a bistro cuisine, typically French, with eggs, mayonnaise, ribs, or beef ribs… It is very family friendly. And well located, just at the foot of the Palais de Tokyo.

The Marches. 5, rue de Handling (Xvi). Tel.: 01 47 23 52 80.

Sophie de Sivry, editor, The abbey of the Pré-aux-Clercs (Vii). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

This is the old Normal sup runs with happiness Editions of the Iconoclast with her husband, Laurent Beccaria.

My last shot of heart: Freddy s. This year, my HQ at the end of the day is the new bar, Freddy s. The walk-around delicious wines are informal and relaxed, and often more creative. I like to take the authors.

Freddy s. 54, rue de Seine (VIe). No phone

My addresses secret

The abbey of the Pre-aux-Clercs. If you want to discover one of the oldest gardens of Paris, populated by rare trees and trees that have inspired Ingres, or more recently Timothée de Fombelle for his book Tobie Lolness – in which the hero of a millimeter and a half lives in a tree, it is the one of the former abbey of the Pré-aux-Clercs, which runs along the office that I occupy at 26, rue Jacob (VIe). It has the appearance of a sub-wood, the smell of moss and foliage, the seagulls in front in back of the river Seine. In a few sesame and doors to go through, you can access it, and more difficult to get out, magic spells helping.

The abbey of the Pre-aux-Clercs (Vii).

Hotel des Grandes ecoles. At the bottom, my most beautiful addresses secret are the gardens. I love these havens of greenery and silence that unfold behind the doors. That, I discovered it by chance at the bottom of a dead end that houses the Hotel des Grandes ecoles 75, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (Ve). A true country garden surrounded by low houses. We walk on the gravel, sits down on the grass, we are going to tree in the grove. And forget Paris.

Hotel des Grandes ecoles. 75, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (Ve)

Alex Vizorek, humorist, The New Seine (Ve). The new Seine

Between his weekly column on France Inter and in the emission Thierry Ardisson “Earthlings Saturday, Alex Vizorek narrates “Peter and the Wolf”, the famous fairy tale by sergei Prokofiev, accompanied by an orchestra in the Comedia.

“Peter and the Wolf” narrated by Alex Vizorek. Theatre Comedia, 4 bd de Strasbourg (Xe). From 1 to 3 nov. and 26 to 30 dec. 2018.

My last shot of heart: In my hen. A pizzeria very nice or pizza arrive on planks of wood and are very light (page gluten-free, yes it is bobo, but it is especially bon-bon!) and it is ideal for when you must have lunch with my team of France Inter!

In my hen. 7, rue Gros (Xvi). Tel.: 06 08 64 16 68.

My addresses secret

The New Seine. This is the theatre café of the more creative of Paris, we can go there without the knowledge of who plays, the director program that’s heavy! In addition, it is poetic to laugh on a houseboat!

The New Seine. Houseboat on the Banks, opposite 3, quai de Montebello (Ve). Tel.: 01 43 54 08 08.

Lara Vincy Gallery. generally, the whole rue de Seine is nice to walk since it is full of galleries of art It is a museum open to the sky. It intrigues me still because she chooses contemporary artists with humor, or seeking the limits of the item that is a source of inspiration for me.

Galerie Lara Vincy. 47, rue de Seine (VIe). Tel.: 01 43 26 72 51.

” THE COUNTERPOINT OF NICOLAS d’ESTIENNE D’ORVES – Otar Kolinkachvilissi, one of the parisian terraces

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