If it was not for the presence of a lush vegetation (palm trees, jacarandas, strelitzias) driven by a supernatural light, the street would have been a dull abyss. But it is in this artery of Culver City, a city located between Santa Monica and dowtown, you will find the studio of the american artist, Axel Israel. Louis Vuitton asked to design the packaging of three of its “Scents of Cologne”, which will be marketed next month. The world number one in luxury has, therefore, invited to Los Angeles fifty journalists in order to “intuit” these compositions in the “immersing” in the Factory of this creator multimedia scriptwriter “anchored in the modernity of the world around him”, known for his trademark sunglasses, famous for “knowing how to use all the vectors for the expression of his art.”

pending the arrival of the artist, the assembly sitting on chairs Pantone pristine sips of juice green and vegan. “We don’t serve Coca-Cola here, Madam!” …

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