madness. If one were to summarize The Datai, it is the first word that would come to mind. We are in 1990. The malaysian government wants to build a luxury resort in his country. An institution worthy of register in the circuit of the hotels mythical of Asia, such as the Oriental in Bangkok or the Raffles in Singapore. One detail, this property will not be a city hotel but a retirement island of legend. Its anchor? Langkawi, the main island (480 square km) of the archipelago of the same name, to over 10,000 kilometres away from Paris.

A mysterious water maze dotted with rocks karstic forms ghostly and islands covered in jungle

Lulled by the Andaman sea, it is located in the extreme north-west of peninsular Malaysia, off the coast of Thailand. On the 104 islands of the archipelago (including 5 disappear at high tide), only 4 are inhabited. A no-man’s-land of beauty. A mysterious water maze dotted with rocks karstic forms of phantoms. With the precipitous cliffs and sea caves carved …

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