From 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana poach of instagramers to sentence the major to play models for a day, the time of their fashion shows, ready-to-wear tops in prints, embroideries, colors and logos. The same evening of each of these events that target openly the millennials – those young people born from 1980, ultraconnectés to social networks, and fond of fashion to believe all the claws that are dedicated currently of collections -, the two milan designers orchestrate another presentation titled ” The Secret Show. This last target a different clientele with costumes sober cut to perfection, in the spirit of the models on the basis of their success and their business. The cast changes. At least, these are men with a few more years. Explanation: this proposal is addressed to a mature clientele who has more than 20 years since (very) long time!

In January, during the paris Fashion Week for this fall-winter, Kris Van Assche calmed as the cult of youth current in the profession by opening his latest fashion show Dior Homme ultra-dressed up with the model, Cameron Alborzian, star of the catwalk of the late 1980s and partner of Madonna in the clip d’ Express Yourself (1989).

And then there was this reversal of the cutter and Brioniqui has unveiled a wardrobe fall-winter 2018-2019 worn by several generations after have tried to divide, it by two or three in the age of its venerable clientele, as all of its competitors. arriving in this house , explained then Nina-Maria Nitsche, to the post of artistic director, I asked about the men to whom this house address, and, by extension, on the actual consumers of the ready-to-wear luxury. There are no recent study on the subject. Or serious data from the claws that be said in passing – do not linger ever on this point…

brands does linger ever on the actual age of their customers… like the eternal seducers to graying temples

like eternal seducers and the graying temples! The only clue to the shop of the famous digital natives that obnubilent currently the large houses as they would as they “likent” on the internet, it is the assortment desplates-forms of e-commerce. On these sites, the diversity of supply is inversely proportional to the price because, past a certain amount, people need to be reassured, to touch, to try. Specifically on the web, it sells mostly small parts and accessories, become the core business of many brands of ready-to-wear.

who benefits from this evolution of the sector? Small and large labels, young or not, the mass-market to luxury, who dress up their male counterparts with a simple melee of modernity. I address myself to a wider circle than the hipsters of paris, I seek to reach men of all ages , explains Pierre Mahéo, the founder of Officine General which met a great success for the past six years. In his workshops, he often comes across students, such as retirees. He would have loved that Jean d’ormesson, as it grows, one day, the door. Unfortunately. In Figaro Magazine, we have missed the opportunity to apply as a fashion model for a photo series.It would have been “amazing”, as he liked to say. Failing this, the actor Gabriel Briand fills the role. Another young man, over 80 spring, with a natural class, wrinkles, white hair and blue eyes – not periwinkle, but almost -because one always has to learn from the elegance of our elders.


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