The race to the domination of the supercar world is re-started with the presentation of the McLaren Speedtail, a worthy heir to the model F1, supercar ultimate 1990s. The spectacular figures claimed by the latter, who dared to borrow his name of the cars represented the pinnacle of motor racing, were not to be overshadowed that 12 years after the sensational Bugatti Veyron claiming up to 1 200 hp in his version of the Supersport. An absolute reference in the universe of the automobile exception.

One of the more notable characteristics of the Mclaren F1 road car was retained by his descendant: the Speedtail enjoys, like her ancestress, three squares in front. Two passengers may, therefore, be install of the driver.

Cabin with advanced and body-long tail: the Speedtail denotes in the world of pure-blood. Mclaren

The Speedtail is the first of a series of 18 cars to see the light of day, in the framework of the strategic plan “Track25”. The primary mission of the engineers was to work to the maximum on the aerodynamics of the Speedtail, for the benefit of the speed. This objective has given birth to a supercar to an uncommon length and similar to that of a Mercedes S-Class: more 5.13 meters!

On the plane of aesthetics, it is far from the Mclaren F1 which did not exceed 4,28 metres. His body type long tail is reminiscent of another supercar of the 1990’s: the Jaguar XJ 220, which claimed a length of 4.93 meters.

Always with the aim of reducing the air resistance, rear-view mirrors have been replaced by small cameras. The pilot can thus look behind him through two screens on each side of the steering wheel. When the Velocity mode, which allows you to reach top speed, is initiated, the cameras retract into the doors. This mode allows access to the best of all of the elements of the Speedtail, which is also lowered by 35 mm in this configuration.

Speedtail has, as its inspiration, three seats at the front. Mclaren

The attention to detail concerning the aerodynamics, is pushed very far: caches static have been placed on the rims front to guide the air in the most optimal way. Built on a monocoque structure made of carbon fiber, inspired by the technology used by the other models, the Speedtail houses, such as for the P1 2012, a hybrid. The manufacturer in English has not delivered all of the features or the technical solutions, but the Speedtail should be based on the now famous V8 biturbo engine to deliver a whopping 1,050 horsepower.

The new supercar, so it takes the ascendancy over her inspiration, which was producing at the time “,” 627 horsepower from its V12 engine original BMW. On the other hand, despite all the efforts of the engineers, the Speedtail acts as a pachyderm compared to the F1: the new arrival accused 1 430 kg on the scale, compared to just 1 080 kg for the older woman.

The tip speed of the Speedtail is 403 km/h. It is below the record of the Bugatti Chiron, but the Mclaren F1, which was able to hook the 370 km/h, must bow. Mclaren resumes its rights on the exercise of the 0 to 300 km/h, which only takes 12.8 seconds to the Speedtail, compared to 13.5 seconds for the Chiron.

a Final nod to the legendary F1 with a victory at the 24 Hours of le Mans in 1995: 106 copies of the Speedtail will see on the day, which is exactly the same number of copies as its big sister. These machines that push the boundaries of performance cars, have already all been sold, against the vast sum of 1.75 million euros. It is almost already a given that the Speedtail will serve as the basis for the development of a hypercar committed to the 24 Hours of le Mans, from 2021. It should find on its road to the famous Aston Martin Valkyrie and may be also some Mercedes AMG Project One. The story is definitely an eternal recommencement.

On the plane of aesthetics, it is far from the Mclaren F1, but the forms remind us of a pure-blood of the 1990’s: the Jaguar XJ 220. Mclaren

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