At the heart of the avenue Marceau stood proudly the legendary club Le Baron, where there was a well-off clientele and loved nights mundane. After you have put the key under the door, a baron of a different kind, that of the drug, has taken the place. The Medellin is accused of glorifying the most famous suspect drug-dealer in the world: Pablo Escobar. The cocktail bar and private club derives its name from the colombian city, beset by violence due to the cartel that was occurring. A red neon “In Pablo” and a fake taco stand camouflage the secret entry to the den in south-american. A refrigerator dummy serves as the main door. Covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling, the hallway to the dance floor is animated by a music well-known to fans of Netflix: Tuyo of Rodrigo Amarante, the generic of Narcos . The series with the effigy of Escobar is circulated in a loop behind the counter. Atmosphere speakeasy: dim light and neon red electric, servers, bullet-proof vests and stock shots in their belt of ammo, decoration style the carnival of Barranquilla and Latin music electro. Next to the toilet, a wall exposes the organizational structure of the bloodthirsty Medellin cartel. On a beam, one reads: “Everything that is dangerous is transformed into money”, a currency of the “king of cocaine”. Caught up in the crazy atmosphere, Frédéric Beigbeder had lost his column and his radio. The establishment shocked.

Outraged the colombian population makes up the collective Stop Medellin and expatriates in Paris do not hesitate to manifest it. The online petition already collecting more than 5000 signatures. Andren Dimitris, owner of the bar, denies the cult of Escobar and advocates “a mere blink of an eye”. Already, changes have been made to ease the tensions. The revellers had taken the habit of photographing on a tomb revived in “homage” to Pablo Escobar. Now the tombstone is deleted, even if the large cross and candles remain at the location. Instead of a drawing of the dealer wielding a weapon, the managers have wanted to play the card of humor: “No Pablo, if Shakira”. Next to a map of the country, a second representation has been crossed out but not removed, and the inscription “Pablo is not the British” appeared. Similarly, the dummy packages of goods of dubious no longer part of the decoration. To the card, no change. The cocktails contain names of sicarios infamous or that of the widow Escobar. You can taste the “mojito of the most expensive in the world, the magic powder,” or the taco caviar in the name flowery “Hijo de puta” for the sum of€ 90. Met, the Colombians are continuing their actions: “This is not a cool guy, it is a killer. It must be remembered. The war in Colombia arrived because of the traffic” evokes the collective Stop Medellin.

Medellin. 6, avenue Marceau (Viii).

A daughter of out-of-the-law in the ranks? Under pressure, the name of Lucia Riina will soon be removed from the sign. Corleone by Lucia Riina

In the same district, the ghost of another representative of the international organized crime sows the disorder. When Lucia Riina leaves his native Sicily to Paris last fall, she announced with enthusiasm on his account Facebook a “departure for a new life”. With her husband, artist painter, 38 years of age, embarked in the restoration. The last came out of the rue Daru has not gone unnoticed. Corleone by Lucia Riina: the sign was first unleashed to the Italian press, before to swell the controversy in our capital. It must be said that the boss is not an unknown. It is the youngest daughter of Salvatore Riina, nicknamed Totò, the terrible godfather, the sicilian, who died in 2017. This prominent member of the mafia Cosa Nostra has instilled terror throughout the Boot. In 1969, Mario Puzo published the future best-selling book The Godfather , based in part on his life. Francis Ford Coppola seizes and his trilogy becomes a cult film. The patriarch, played by Marlon Brando to the screen, is named Vito Corleone. Corleone, a reference to the provincial town where is located the family Riina.

the Victim of insults from the beginning of its establishment, the youngest of the “Beast” again sees its existence stained by the ink of the Octopus. Financial support Pascal Fratellini, at the head of several boxes in paris, denies making a profit on a name. For the moment, Lucia Riina continues to cook daily family recipes of sicilian, to the rhythm of the variety Italian broadcast. The sober decoration alternates between his own paintings and photographs, black-and-white Corleone. Nicolò Nicolosi, mayor of the city, declared the daily Corriere della Will : “Bring the name of our city to that of a mafia is devastating. We need to talk to you again Corleone as a city of peace and of cultural traditions. I’ll try to contact the ministry of foreign Affairs and do everything that the law allows me: the name of Riina should not be located next to the emblem of Corleone”. The manager has decided to remove its name from the storefront, but not that of the village.

Corleone by Lucia Riina. 19, rue Daru (VIIIe).


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