“Free Eric Drouet. Do not care the peace in the voice of the people.” The arrest in Paris of a leading controversial of the yellow vests did not alter the support of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the truck driver of 33 years.

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On Twitter, the leader of France insubordinate denounced Wednesday a “abuse of power” of a “political police”, after the arrest of Eric Drouet for organizing a demonstration without prior declaration.

This support is not new. As of Monday, the member of parliament for the Bouches-du-Rhône had posted on Facebook a long message of praise of Eric Drouet. He confessed his “fascination” for the young man, which he likened to his namesake Jean-Baptiste Drouet, the figure of the French Revolution and the architect of the arrest of Louis XVI. “May this year be yours”, concluded the text of a tribute by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Drouet, “danger to democracy French”

This praise, however, is controversial, with regard to the profile of the controversial Eric Drouet. Summoned before the correctional court for carrying a weapon in a prohibited category D, it had called in December to walk on to the Elysée. He also relayed theses complotistes, for example, by worrying about the pact of the un Marrakech on immigration in a video with Maxime Nicolle.

positions are quite distant from the standards of the left, which isolate the leader of BIA. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon glorifies a character that calls to take the Elysée. He put aside the values of the left to serve the soup, this character of sulphur”, storm senator PS Rachid Temal with the Figaro.

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“Of characters such as Drouet, Nicolle , Chalencon, Mélenchon, Benbassa and a few others now represent a real danger to democracy French”, has confirmed on Twitter the former socialist deputy Francois Loncle.

“, Mélenchon has left the shores of the left”

on Tuesday, Benoît Hamon has pronounced the excommunication policy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “As much I no longer understand what is Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In any case, it has left the banks of the left, he is doing something else”, said on RTL the leader of the Generation.s, not “fascinated by someone who, it seems, is assumed to have voted in rounds one and two for Marine Le Pen”.

The person concerned has, however, denied that vote on Facebook. “No, I have not voted FN, and even if I had done this is not the question of the day.” This denial has given rise to a new pass weapons between officials of the BIA and those of Generation.s, undeclared war since the last presidential campaign. “Benoît Hamon has invented a false information. He apologizes to those he has deceived?”, said Jean-Luc Mélenchon, joined by several executives BIA.

The member of the North Adrian Quatennens blasted on Twitter for his “contempt” of Benoît Hamon to the yellow vests, while the candidate for the european Manual Bompard request to the former socialist to “reserve their shots for Macron and those who are doing so much harm to our country.”

In response to these accusations, the spokesman of Generation.s Mehdi Ouraoui lamented on Twitter “outburst, worrying to excess, the responsible mélenchonistes”. “A simple question yet : the left-hand side is to declare his flame to Drouet or sign a petition for the migrants with Hamon?”

The previous Ruffin and Chouard

This is not the first time that France insubordinate is pinned to the left for his support for certain figures of the yellow vests. François Ruffin had him in mid-December, paid tribute to Etienne Chouard, a teacher, a bearer of the idea of a referendum on citizens ‘ initiative and controversial, in particular because of his interest in the essayist of the far-right Alain Soral.

These controversies illustrate the strategic differences and background. While Generation.s has its anchor to left, some officials of BIA substitute a cleavage people-the elite at the traditional cleavage of left-right. And may be less sensitive to the profiles of some yellow vests, as long as they put in difficulty the head of State and his government.

“Melenchon guilty to congratulate those who are shaking the power and pointed out the irony of the story. But what a horror! Damn the researchers of buzz and the donors of lessons are also passed in 2019”, squeaks on Twitter Manuel Bompard. Not sure that this is enough to calm tensions.

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