German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has spoken diplomatically to the future of Horst Seehofer as Minister of the interior, after his resignation announcement as a CSU leader. “He is my Minister of the interior,” she said at the “economic summit” of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” on the question of whether Seehofer must not resign from the Cabinet.

The CDU-politician said: “It is not true that the question of whether someone is a party Chairman and a member of the Cabinet, stands in a direct connection.” The Chancellor himself will leave in December from her Post as CDU leader, but wants to remain Chancellor.

This is not like an “obituary” act

Merkel has said with a view to conflicts in the migration policy that you’ve had with Seehofer some “noise” – but I worked on the other hand along with him very well. Seehofer a “political heavyweight” with a lot of creativity and a “very social heart for the people”. This should now work but as an “obituary,” said the Chancellor.

Seehofer leaves after his resignation announcement as a CSU leader, if and when he assigns as a Minister of the interior. (Read here for a more detailed analysis.) Appropriate questions of journalists did not want to answer the 69-Year-old. Seehofer had announced on Monday after massive pressure from the party earlier than expected, his resignation as a CSU leader. Minister he wanted to remain, he said.



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