Michelle Obama reported for the first time in detail about her private and political life. The Autobiography Becoming. My story of the former First Lady of the United States appeared on Tuesday. The German version includes 544 pages and is divided into three chapters: “Becoming the Me I be”, “Becoming Us, We become” and “Becoming More and More”. In the Preface, Obama said, such as life-long Learning and continuous changes; an indication, that you will push your social Engagement in new roles.

The first two parts of the book tell the story of Obama’s youth, their origin, upbringing, how she decided to study law and later with Barack started a family. “I’m in, as a normal person in an extraordinary way.” And further: “In the National Portait Gallery in Washington portraits of Barack and me, a fact that makes us both humble now. I doubt anyone in the light of both of our Childhood, both our origin would have ever predicted that we would end up in these hallowed halls.” Michelle Obama writes in a very true-to-life, binding sound.

The last third deals with the years since the arrival of Obama to the White house in 2009. In the USA the car was a much-anticipated biography with voltage. Probably less because of the private views, but rather for political reasons: whether Michelle Obama will not run, contrary to their previous Statements, for the President innenamt? So how do you describe the political operation and their reluctance to the prevailing rules, is a candidate to be unlikely: “I was never a Fan of politics, and my experience in the past ten years have done little to change that. The meanness repels me.”

this approach, of handling the Public with Hillary Clinton. “Mercilessly used Hillary’s gender against them, served the most horrible prejudices. You referred to them as a tyrannical dragon, as olle Zippe, and as a catty bitch. Her voice was shrill, her Laugh cackling. Hillary Baracks opponent was not, which is why I had at the time, just a lot of sympathy for you, and yet I could only admire, as she was in the midst of all of this misogyny in the Ring,” writes Obama.

According to distinct words, you will find a choice of Donald trump as President: “I am not a politician and I will not even try to analyse the result. (…) I only wish more people would go to the election. And I will never refuse to understand what has motivated so many women, an exceptionally high-qualified candidate and to choose instead a woman, enemy to the President.” About Donald trump’s campaign, Barack Obama was born in Kenya and thus not a legitimate US President, she writes: “With its malicious insinuations vulnerable Donald Trump the safety of my family. And I will forgive him, never.”

Despite all the astonishment on political and social dynamics in the USA criticism is Obama’s conciliatory: “America is not a simple place. I get dizzy to the realities of its contradictory.” They remain a force, “which is bigger and more powerful than a single choice, a single head of state or a single message – the optimism”.


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