If the date of birth of Mido is not trivial – the day of the end of the First world War, the origins of its name are also amazing. Founded by a watchmaker can no longer be switzerland (Georges Schaeren), Mido comes from the Spanish “Yo mido” (“I measure”). It entices women at first with small watches, enameled color, and then the automobile fans by working with major car manufacturers like Fiat, or Bugatti, not to mention the demanding customers, with a waterproof model and robust born in 1934 and baptized Multifort (which even today is still number 2 in sales). “The great hours of the brand lie in the 1950s and 1960s, tells the story of Franz Linder, president of Mido, for the last fifteen years. But the crisis of swiss watchmaking, the next decade, has been devastating.” Fact incongruous, a single market can withstand: South America, thanks to a factory in Brazil and a business partner in Mexico, and perhaps also sound hispanic to its name.

The brand installed in le Locle, which now belongs to the Swatch Group, then loses a few battles but not the war. Business picks up slowly in Switzerland and Germany in the 1990s. New perspectives are being developed in Asia at the dawn of the Twenty-first century. In France, the watchmaker – positioned in the pyramid of the group between Longines and Tissot, with an average price of 950 € – is not dispatched since the beginning of 2015 and is only sold models automatic.

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Order Shade, automatic it also, inspired by a model of the 1940s (870 €). Mido

“Since always, Mido offers a design that is both modern and timeless,” continues Franz Linder, who refuses to give a production figure but speaks of “hundreds of thousands of watches sold each year. “We distinguish ourselves by not having muse, but by associating each collection in a building of famous architecture, such as the Order and the Eiffel tower, the Belluna and the Royal Albert Hall, the All Dial, and the Coliseum… And we have signed in 2014, a partnership with the international Union of architects.”

A few days to blow out her 100 candles, Mido is coming out with a Baroncelli Big Date automatic face sober and attractive. The followers, the more numerous, these collections are displaying a very good report quality-price are sure to say “Yo quiero”.


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