I had just celebrated my 13 years. My parents had offered me a large backpack blue. With a metal frame, like on the pictures of sir Edmund Hillary’s conquest of mount Everest! I also received the family – uncles, sisters and cousins – a pair of walking shoes, a foam mattress and a sleeping bag and we all went camping in Namibia. We planted our tents on the edge of the canyon of the Fish River. That night, I have not closed the eye… I woke up before all the world. I put on my shoes, put my brand new equipment, and without a sound, I am left, alone, to the onslaught of the mountain.

It was still dark, the moon lit up the huge mass of rock that I was about to climb. And the trail was hard. I felt the pebbles roll under my feet. I wanted to do something big for my birthday, I wanted to challenge myself. Then, without worrying about the concern that my absence was going to cause to the camp, I continued …

I log

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