In head-to-head, Remo Ruffini does not hide that the year 2018 has been intense for Moncler, with the launch of a device creative, new. The Genius Project does not involve one or two creative directors, but the eight talents in a variety of styles, signing each to a collection. new business model was not obvious to implement within a brand as established , explains the CEO. we had to change the inner workings of the company (and the sector). Finally, our teams have embraced the project with a remarkable energy, a sign that it was necessary to review the system. The reactions were also excellent on the side of the public. We had allowed ourselves the freedom to change the casting from one year to the other. Finally, with the exception of the Japanese Kei Ninomiya of the mark Black, who leaves us to questions of geographical, the other designers remain on the team. And are joined by two new recruits, Richard Quinn and Matthew Williams.

“The goal of Moncler Genius is not just to sell jackets, but to diversify the customer base in terms of age, origin, and sensitivity”

Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler

first, British graduate of Central Saint Martins in 2016, is the darling of the catwalks in london with his creations néocouture flowers. Last February, her majesty queen Elizabeth II has even moved her to attend the second parade and give him a price. With its brand sportswear technical, 1017 Alyx 9SM (just said Alyx), the American Matthew Williams, to him, is already a past master in the art of collaborations, including Mackintosh, Vans, Nike, and even Kim Jones in Dior, who was “commissioned” to draw the loop “CD” of his parade man.

Their collections winter 2019-2020 for Moncler and the other eight will be revealed on February 20 in Milan, at the opening of the Fashion Week Italian. The main change compared to the first edition: a smaller number of models by guests. “ This winter, we sometimes have too many novelties in store then our classic account for 90 % of revenue , concedes Mr. Ruffini. That said, the purpose of Moncler Genius is not just to sell jackets, but to diversify the customer base in terms of age, origin, and sensitivity. Young consumers have discovered the brand through these designers ultrasuivis on the social networks. To us to strengthen our links and send us to these different generations with a precise voice and different.


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