Dr. Harvey Moscot is president. Zack Moscot leads the image and creative. Sitting side-by-side in a meeting room with glass similar to that of Mad Men , to the floor of the shop in Orchard Street, New York, the father and son retrace the saga Moscot. The storytelling is on point: the history of the eyewear brand, born in 1915 in the Lower East Side, is the their. They are held with sincerity and humour, eager to know if the French will be sensitive to that. The issue is one of size, Friday 30 November, they opened their first boutique in paris, in the Marais. In New York, their acetate frames, adjusted, entered the legend thanks to Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, James Dean, Arthur Miller, who did they. Today, Brigitte Macron has Moscot model (Randall), as does Johnny Depp (Lemtosh), Cristiano Ronaldo (Lemtosh), Ryan Gosling (Zulu), Joshua Jackson (Gelt)… But don’t tell them about too many celebrities, here the customer is king, known or not. “ My grandfather would say: if you milked well, regardless of where it comes and what it does, it will return always , provides Harvey Moscot. In other words, we are not the official supplier to the stars, our best ambassador is the one that asserts itself in choosing our glasses, who appreciates history. And who is proud of wearing a little piece of New York in the nose!

Dr. Harvey Moscot is president. Zack Moscot leads the image and creative. Moscot

it All began in 1899. Hyman Moscot landed at Ellis Island of his Minsk natal. The majority of immigrants from eastern Europe is found in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a neighborhood malfamé. The young man intends to live his american dream. “ Hyman thought of finding gold under the pavement of Manhattan, tells Zack Moscot. He started his street vending by selling rimmed glasses all the facts, so a magnifying glass, the German immigrant, under our windows, on Orchard Street .” At the time, the profession of optician is not there. In 1915, he opened on Rivington Street. Ten years later, his son, Sol (the grand-father of Harvey) joined the small business and becoming one of the leading opticians of New York. In 1936 the store moved to the corner of Orchard and Delancey, its headquarters for 80 years (it is currently installed on the sidewalk in front of it). The third generation of Moscot, as portrayed by Joel, the son of the Soil, takes over the management of the affair in 1951 and develops the customer relationship.

Hyman to Zack, via Sol, Joel and Harvey

The place is warm, with its walls lined with family photos, its shelves teeming with trinkets, her furniture, inspired by the salon’s grand-mother Sylvia and his heads of mannequin glued clippings, that sits in the shop windows as displays. The nine stores Moscot (4 in New York and 5 international) are replicas of the historic address. “ I grew up in this shop, remembers Harvey. It was a neighborhood not recommended. I loved this atmosphere, dirty, atypical. Rents, inexpensive, attracted a lot of artists and, in the 1970s, the rogue. Bob Dylan, who lived at the back was a regular. Today, the Lower East Side is one of the city’s hippest city… If my grandfather saw it ! “Harvey Moscot, which puts an official foot in the business in 1986, is the first and only doctor in ophthalmology -” I was not sure of wanting to work for my father, my thing was the music, but I am a horrible singer. I have been to medical school telling me that I could always treat the people .” After twenty-six years to look at the eyes with the magnifying glass, Harvey hung up the blouse of doctor to dedicate himself to the development of the company. “ I continue to treat the mother of a celebrity, because she refuses to go see someone else , he joked. And the family, of course.

Moscot Lemstosh. Moscot

Zack Moscot, 27 years old, that young, however, had no desire to take the relay, is inducted into the creative director in 2013. A graduate in industrial design from the university of Michigan, he designed new forms and updates the originals . “ I do not say this because he is my son, lance Harvey. But Zack is a designer extraordinaire.

We will never sell anything other than glasses

We do not run after the trend, continues Zack. Our archives are rich with timeless. We reconduisons the creations of the 1930’s to the 1970’s, with classic lines (round, aviator, butterfly, square) and mainly tortoiseshell and acetate black. We do not come to our home for the solar of the season, but for the pair most suited to the face, which will accompany you for the next ten years. ” special attention is given to the adjustment of the frame, each model is available in four widths. Father and son want to grow the brand without losing sight of this “ little New York ” that purists have come to pick. They advance at their own pace, without rushing and, above all, diversify – “ We will never sell anything other than glasses , ” says Zack Moscot. The design is perfect, the price is more than correct: starting in the 280 euros for solar.

Moscot, at 26, rue du Temple (Paris Iii).


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