the movement of The “yellow vests” has forced the government to postpone the July 1 the turn of the screw to be applied on the 1st of January to the technical control. In a few months, it will be better to determine the opacity of smoke, the evil of diesel rolling stock too in the city, and to detect vehicles with the particulate filter (FAP) is dirty or has been deleted. What require 15 % of these vehicles to take a counter-visit. This prefigures another, more binding, which will consist of a highly precise measurement of five gas pollutants emitted by the exhaust of our cars. Originally planned for 2019, this new device has been postponed to 2022, because the technical inspection centres have difficulties to equip the expensive and essential equipment required for this measurement.

This “sévérisation” of the legislation finds its origin in the corridors of Brussels. But its dissemination among all member States seems inevitable, unless …

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