The nature has horror of vacuum, said Aristotle. Only here, the man loves it. In less than fifteen years, the platforms above the empty have become the darling of the attractions in hautx places. The Americans gave the the the the first with the “Skywalk” the Grand Canyon. It was in 2007. Since the outbreak of vertigo won the world. In the mountains, more of a winter passes without a book in the sky is opened. Here are nine, in the Alps and in the Pyrenees.

1 – At Chamonix, Not in the empty cage of glass 3.842 m altitude Bertrand DELAPIERRE

One step is enough to be at the top of an empty sky, in a cage of glass, pegged to 3.842 m above sea level at the summit rock of the Aiguille du Midi (Haute-Savoie). A unique attraction that this “Not in the blank” (name has been filed) through a transparent box of 2.50 m wide by 2 m deep and 2.20 m in height, tiny in the vastness of the peaks and glaciers.

but rest assured, it’s great. The facility can withstand 60 ° temperature range, with a wind blowing at 220 km/h and supporting a 1.5 ton load. We do not enter inside of all, up to four people at the same time. History to be aware of what he has under the feet, for the occasion, comically swaddled in slippers of felt, strung on the ski boots or after-ski , so as not to damage the ground glass.

It was nice to know that you don’t risk anything, we mark a time of judgment before making the decisive step, at the base of a chasm of 1.000 m of depth, beautiful and terrifying chaos of rocks, snow and ice. And this is just one level of “reassuring” before the bottom of the abyss: Chamonix and its valley, the 2,800 m lower than the cage in the sky. For a little bit, you almost forget to look up at the giant neighbor: the Mont-Blanc.

Access. Pedestrians and skiers (out to the Vallée Blanche), at the start of Chamonix with the cable car of the Aiguille du Midi.

2 – at The Bows, the Gateway of the Red hand A cross metallic flat in the immensity Raj Bundhoo

This is the novelty of this season 2018-2019, the birthday gift of the savoie region station for 50 years. View of drone, it looks like a giant cross lying flat, with two branches in balance above the abyss. Simply referred to as “the gateway”, this work panoramic is a 3-226 m altitude, to the summit of the Aiguille Rouge, the highest point of the tracks.

On the advanced the shorter, 15 m, you can admire the row of the Tarentaise valley. On the more long, 22 m, we get closer to the imposing mass of the Mont-Pourri. At first sight, nothing bad question chills. One agrees without hesitation on the slatted metal. This fence covered in snow reduces the depth of the void. Except that it suddenly feels the strange impression that the gateway is not closed at the end. Optical effect: the railings are glass, translucent at will.

Access. Skiers and pedestrians, at the start of Arc 2000 by gondola Varet 40 and then the cable car of the Aiguille Rouge.

3 – At La Rosiere, Panoramic Experience Views of the Italian side of the Mont-Blanc SnapMyRide By Trinum

2.390 m altitude, this metallic footbridge of 7 m long and is stretched over 170 m of void creates the attraction on the domain skiable franco-Italian San Bernardo. It occupies a strategic position, near the fort of the Redoute Ruined, which kept past the col du Petit-Saint-Bernard. Today, it is ski trails, as we pass this border between the Savoie and the Aosta valley.

As to experience panoramic announced, it will be lived at 360°. Palme d’or at the Italian side of the Mont-Blanc, flanked on this side of the Grandes-Jorasses and the Dent du Géant. At the end of the catwalk a Photo Point has been installed, equipped with a remote triggering system will release. Not even need to remove your mittens to do a selfie.

Access. Skiers, by the ski lift of the Fort. Pedestrians, starting from the station with the chairlift Rocks-Black and then a half-hour walk on the trail of the Military. www.larosiè

4 – In Val-Cenis, the Canopy of the treetops overhead View on the lake of Mont-Cenis Alban Pernet – OT Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise

gone are the days when one was approaching dangerously close to the edge of the cliff to admire the panorama at 180° from the Met, 2.800 m altitude and the summit of the slopes of the savoie region station. Now, for protiter of the show, we sit squarely on the top of the abyss, 800 m vacuum ski boots. A circular platform was built for this purpose. It bears the pretty name of “Canopy of the treetops”.

This is from the beautiful book, very graphic, mesh in Stainless steel and galvanized steel. With the exception of a small part on the firm snow, it holds the essential to the air, in full view of the peaks and glaciers of the Vanoise, massif des Ecrins, the mont Viso Italian… And look deep into the lake of Mont-Cenis, ice blue or white frozen in the winter, it is according to. This platform can accommodate simultaneously up to fifteen to twenty people, perfect for shivering in a tribe.

Access. ski only, by the chair lift of Met.

5 – The 2-the Alps, the view-point of the Ecrins Below, 1,400 m of vacuum and the front, the massif of Ecrins. Annie Barbaccia, Le Figaro

At 3.400 m of altitude, this place is a narrow metal footbridge of 7 m long, stretched out over an empty abyss, 1,400 m of “gas” as they say mountaineers, lined at the bottom by the great white off the track of the valley of the Saddle. We are in Isère, in the heart of the French Alps, stack to the north-south of the massif. Hence the name “Belvedere des Ecrins” chosen for this breakthrough in the sky in the face of the Barre des Ecrins, sovereign of the Southern Alps. Its 4.102 m above sea level is topped by cunning the Muzelle and Needle Venosc big plan. These two are the mountain symbols of the resort.

This view-point reserve in addition a 360° view. In the west, here are the Rateau, the Meije, the other giant of the south. To the east, back in the Isère with the chain of Belledonne and the Vercors plateau. And then a half-turn towards the north to admire the trio, savoy Needles Arve nearby, and, later, of course, the Mont-Blanc.

Access. Skiers, by the ski lift of le Puy Salié. Pedestrians, by the cable car Jandri Express 1 (departure from the station) and Jandri Express 2 cable car of the glacier and then ten minutes from the marked trail.

6 – At Lans-en-Vercors, Dizzy from the heights To the feet of the bridge, Grenoble, france. J. Narcy

This small resort in isère was, after Chamonix, the second of France acquiresr air hub to sensations. It is a bridge in caillotis metal, modest in appearance, 2.10 m long, 1.40 m wide and 300 m vacuum ‘only’ under the feet. But do not be fooled. In addition to the 360° panorama on the Alps in the north and the south (Mont-Blanc, Chartreuse, Belledonne, Oisans, Taillefer, Devoluy…), it offers a bird’s-eye view of Grenoble. It is as if we walked above the town in ski boots.

Under the last sun, the slopes have closed, it’s magic. That’s why, each week, the tour of the area accompanied by professionals ends here, on this “Vertigo of the peaks”, at 18 hours, in a small committee of 15 skiers maxi, around a glass of wine and local specialities.

Access. To the ski only with the ski lift in la Combe des Virets, level 3rd star required.

7 – The Diablerets, the Peak Walk More than 200 m of walking round-trip. Peak Walk by Tissot

Adrenaline provided on the suspension bridge at Glacier 3000, the ski area in switzerland between The Diablerets (canton of Vaud) and Gstaad (bernese Alps). Once engaged on the bridge, it is necessary to walk more than 100 m, 107 exactly, above a huge void before returning to the snow farm. And rebelotte at the back.

Because this may mean that we reach here the heights. This gateway slatted metal stretched over a pit connects two peaks of 3.000 m of altitude. Of course, it is stable, nothing to do with a monkey bridge, except that it is little more wide: 80 cm only. This allows you to cling and the other to the railing. Pause panorama obliged in the middle of the process: the view of the giant swiss and French – Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, etc. – has to cut the breath. And not just figuratively.

Access. Skiers and pedestrians from the cable car Glacier 3000, col du Pillon, near les Diablerets. Other access to skiers by the cable car Reusch from Gstaad.

8 – In Mürren, the Skyline Walk and Thrill Walk balancing act ski boots Annie Barbaccia, Le Figaro

Sacred mountain to the sensations that the Schilthorn, 3000 m altitude and the highest point of the slopes of Mürren, in the bernese Alps. In memory of the shooting, here, 50 years ago, the film “On her Majesty’s secret service”, the summit has a panoramic restaurant turning 007 and a space James Bond. But, the question chills, it is down 2.677 m all the same, that everything happens, to Birg, middle station of the cable car.

At the exit of the train station, a flight of stairs and landing on a glazed terrace, above an empty, stunning it, facing the grand spectacle of the trio of Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau. It is better to take the time to admire them, because after, you will be too busy to watch where one puts the feet on the promenade that skirts the rocky slopes of the mountain. Grating, wire mesh, metal wire, walking on everything, balance is often unstable, especially in ski boots…

After a half-hour to “enjoy” the most of the ride in the double-suggestive name of “Skyline Walk” and “Thrill Walk.” One should avoid take a look below. The other end flat on your stomach, crawling for a few meters in a kind of mesh cylinder. Be reassured, this mini-obstacle course is not a requirement, just an option… After that, slide down the black trail of the Kandahar will be more than a child’s play.

Access. Skiers and pedestrians, by the cable car of the Schilthorn, from Mürren or Stechelberg in the valley.

9 – At La Mongie, the Pontoon in the sky in the most breathtaking sunset in the Pyrenees Luc Perrot

Back in France and a change of massif with this and another mountain to the sensations, the Pic-du-Midi-de-Bigorre, in the Hautes-Pyrenees. It is that things happen on this summit 2.877 m altitude, crowned for chandeliers for the domes, gleaming in its observatory of science. Discovery accompanied visit to the planetarium, watching the stars from the terraces with the astronomers… We can even sleep there: there’s a hotel.

was Missing a thrust of adréline to spice up these festivities. Here it is provided since the inauguration, the winter of 2018, a “Pontoon” in the sky”. In other words, a bridge over the void. This advanced 12-m overhangs a precipice of 1,000 m, all the more impressive that it turns its back on the surrounding peaks to look at the plain of the South-West to the foothills of the Massif Central.

This pontoon is a metal construction to the floor pierced by walkways, relayed, at the end, by a plate of transparent glass, inserted in a steel frame. The directions of the major cities, Tarbes, Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin… are indicated. Pause quivering obliged.

Access. Pedestrians and skiers by the cable car to the Peak, at the start of The Mongie.

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