The holidays are past. To regret, you have abandoned on the sidewalk the tree, put away the balls and santons of Provence, unplugged the light string. We are still in winter, the days are short and your interior has lost a bit of this magic come to lights if the particular distilled by the Christmas decorations. The depressed post-holiday you may be prone to. Here is a remedy: Nanoleaf.

the Three canadian engineers had the idea to create a system of pads light sold in pack of nine parts (of the extension kits are also available), to assemble itself in the manner of a puzzle in the simplest way possible. From a number of pads defined (up to 30 on the same socket) be connected to each other by connectors, it creates its own layout that will fix to the wall using adhesive strips. Effect deco guaranteed, but not only. The pads can distill enough lumens to fully illuminate a room in a power saving mode and are controllable by voice.

The model Light Panels, pads design. nanoleaf

To create a pattern on the wall, it is possible to use the app Nanoleaf and be guided by the assistant of disposal or from the nose to the wind if one feels the soul of a creative. The play to improvisation will claim, however, to be careful. It is better to test the assembly flat on a table to be sure to find the connectors in the right place before you start to glue the plates on a wall.

indeed, the small tabs of double-sided stick very well. Do not try to take to the rough and ready way on a pad for the take-off, the plaster was to start with. It must really pull on the tabs to the horizontal to prevent any damage and start over with new adhesive strips. However, if you want to fix them permanently, do not let them exceed.

entertainment personal

Nanoleaf offers two different models of pads: the one called the Light Panels, the oldest of which, with these pads triangular, or the Canvas in the pads are square and touch. It is not possible to mix the two because the connectors are different. At Nanoleaf one does not mix the triangles with the square. So Much The Worse. Also, sealed with gadgets connected to reassure you immediately, these systems are autonomous, so there is no need to use an app to make it work. They are equipped with a pane of control with all the features. At the bottom of a cave, as long as it has a power outlet, the Nanoleaf will be operational. To go further, however, and for the more tech savvy, the home application will affect the possibilities.

The primary purpose of these pads light is to create an atmosphere that can change with the mood of its owner. Thus, it will be possible to choose the color of each pad independently, but also to vary in intensity as well as in hues, creating animations personal (of the usefulness of the application) or programmed (private Wifi is at the bottom of the cave). This is going to of the emerald forest to the Big Blue, passing by the fireworks. A detector music built-in can also be initiated to react the pads to the rhythm of the music. To choose the scenario according to their desires, everything is customizable.

So, Light Panels or Canvas?

Nanoleaf Light Panels is in the form of equilateral triangles of 25 cm segments. In each angle, an led is designed to distribute the equivalent of 100 lumens. At full power this device illuminates so perfectly as the surface illuminating of 9 pads together is substantial. Light Panels are ideal to provide energy to a room. His light is pure and his cut-out perfectly modern design.

The pads Canvas, the novelty of the Nanoleaf. nanoleaf

For his part, Nanoleaf Canvas plays more on the sensuality as the pads, here touch, give off a softer light. They react to the slightest caress to change the color modes or intensity. According to the manufacturer, this model-like mottled would have the favors of the fairer sex. Posed to the wall, turned off, they are similar to tiles of tiles of 15 cm. Much smaller and less ostentatious, therefore, that the Light Panels. Turned on, they will respond to the touch (according to a gestural programmed) waving in the manner of a wrinkle on the water, or by changing color and intensity.

regardless of the model on which door choice, we can be sure that the systems Nanoleaf light up really well. Mean by that that these pads colorful will not be that a decorative element to your interior but also a source of light usable to illuminate a whole room and work there. The canadian society ensures that 500 panels can be connected to a single square of controls (by adding a diet and the 30 pads), for facilities that are completely immersive. After the calculation of the purchase price of nearly 164 extension kits to reach the 500 panels we are not sure try the experiment, but it is possible…

Price: Nanoleaf (9 pads Light Panels or Canvas): 199 euros. Expansion Pack of 3 pads: 65 euros.

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