The 47 Figaro Bénéteau 3 foils are ready for it. Monday noon, these monohulls brand new, had cast anchor in the estuary of the river Loire, 60 km of the ocean, in the heart of Nantes. They are moored quai de la Fosse, just downstream from the bridge Anne de Bretagne, the boundary between the Loire river and the Loire, marine. On the wharf, the village of the Lonely Urgo The Figaro offers a view on the boats. It will be open until the end of the week, all day from 10 hours to 18 hours. For its first home of the race, the city of the dukes of Brittany has won the jackpot with this edition 2019. Because this year, the Solitary celebrated its 50th anniversary and inaugurated its new model of sailing ship dedicated to it. All of the who’s who of sailors has responded to this. This beautiful world will be presented to the public in the village, next Saturday at 18 hours.

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“The home of the Solitaire is part of the development of the nautical sector of the Nantes Metropolis. It is far more successful than the Figaro Bénéteau 3 has been built here, on a site specially reactivated, under the bridge of Cheviré, said Valerie Marqueton, responsible for the event sporting de Nantes Métropole. This event is also an opportunity to highlight everything that is done around the Loire.” Last example in date, Edge of the Loire, great gathering, maritime and inland waterway triennial, of which the 2nd edition was completed Sunday.

Hymn to the ocean

Quai de la Fosse, the fleet of Figaro, therefore, without transition, relayed to the boats. Except the Hermione , the famous replica of the frigate of La Fayette, and the Belem , stayed in Nantes welcome to the sailing ships of competition. The two famous three-masted appareilleront, respectively, this afternoon and tomorrow to join the Armada of Rouen .

Belem also was built in Nantes in 1896, recalls Florence Le Goff, chargée de mission innovation at Nantes Métropole. The first pleasure boats of iron of the Nineteenth century. Until the First world War, there was here a genuine tradition of yachting.” Today, the city has six small marinas, and on the Erdre, the bucolic tributary of the Loire river, the navigation of leisure is good. No wonder that racing has attracted vocations among the children of the country. Five of them participate in the Solitaire 2019: the “rookie” Sébastien Marsset, Pierre Leboucher, Corentin Douguet (3rd in 2010 and 2007), Adrien Hardy (2nd in 2017) and the immense Loïck perron that is no more.

“The home of the Solitaire is part of the development of the nautical sector of the Nantes Metropolis. It is far more successful than the Figaro Bénéteau 3 has been built here”

Valerie Marqueton, responsible for the event sporting de Nantes Métropole

Sunday, June 2, the 47 browsers in contention dropped off at 8: 30 a.m. to get to the Atlantic ocean. They paraderont on the estuary up to St Nazaire and then, once at sea, will be positioned in front of the seaside town of Pornichet. It is here that will be given, at 16: 10, the blow of sending of the sporting odyssey. After a spectacular tour of the bay offered to the public (if the wind direction permits), the Figaristes will come in the heart of the matter, heading north on Kinsale, in Ireland, the first step of a journey of 2115 miles, the terminus for Dieppe, where the outcome of this 50th edition is expected on June 27.

To this date, Nantes is preparing itself, for its part, to give the of its third maritime event of the season: The sea, XXL, mégaexposition of 66,000 m2 on the riches of the oceans and the need to preserve them. Intended for a wide audience (more than 100,000 visitors expected), it will take place at Parc des expositions on the edge of the Erdre, from 29 June to 10 July, is designed in five universe worthy of Twenty a thousand leagues under the sea . Jules Verne had from nantes, impossible to forget as the city, converted in the culture after the closure of its last major shipyards in 1987, is full of inventions worthy of the spirit of verne. Not simply to restore the classic castle of the dukes of Brittany, cathedral, fine arts Museum, the passage Pommeray… – historic districts of the right bank, North to the Loire” as they say here, the port city is engaged in artistic creation and architectural in all directions.

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It is as well as a Large Elephant maous beefy, 48.4 tons and to 12 m tall, is walking in freedom on the island of Nantes, the former stronghold of the shipyards and factories, in barrissant and spitting out gaily (the water), shower and laughter insured for the passers-by… The animal mechanical can accomodate up to 50 people on board. Created for the project, Machines of the island, it has to haunt a shed period, which he shared with roommates just as extraordinary. This horse-dragon that has so stunned the Chinese that they have applied for an internship of manufacturing in-situ… It is with these fantastic machines that the metamorphosis of the island of Nantes has begun. Once industrial wasteland, this tongue of land of 5 to 1 km, has gradually transformed into a museum open to the sky. Today between contemporary art and the avant-garde architecture, we do not know where to give head. And this is not finished.

a fun tour “Estuary”: The Rings of Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain, nord, quai des Antilles, Nantes, france. Martin Argyoglo

The School of fine arts, school of architecture and The Factory, a concert venue dedicated to emerging music, have landed. Trendy Bars and galleries have invested the old shed to bananas. And, from late April to early October, the tribes nantaises stormed the immense ephemeral structure of The Canteen to sit down in front of the unique menu, free-range chicken from Ancenis, potatoes, and salad, € 10 for lunch and € 13 in the evening, drink is included. On the right side, sean Olivier During cultivating his vegetable garden urban of over 900 m2. This summer, it’s new, visits and workshops will be offered. Other find, The Trip to Nantes trace since 2012, its a fun tour through the city, 12 km of hiking (and soon 14) punctuated by some forty works of quirky and off-beat. Represented by a green line painted on the asphalt and cobblestones, this course also serves as a thread to the discovery tourisque of the main neighbourhoods and places to visit. Three days to explore it all. The Trip to Nantes is enriched regularly. Each summer, new parts are presentntées (6 July to 1 September this year), some of which will then be sustained.

The House in the Loire valley , by Jean-Luc Courcoult, Couëron Bernard RENOUX

Finally, in the same vein, “Estuary” has spun off 33 works on the banks of the Loire, from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire. Until 2 November, the cruise of 2 hours, 45 minutes offer a complete overview. But each site is also accessible, free of charge, on foot, by car or bike. Two examples: on the island of Nantes, quai des Antilles, in front of The Canteen, Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain, have a day full of large rings multi-colored on the parapet. Magical when they are lit up at night. While Coüeron, North Loire, about ten miles from the city, Jean-Luc Courcoult has built a funny House in the Loire”, leaning and like to drift on the waters more or less high, on the maritime part of the river (up to 6 m of tidal range) that the figaristes will fall Sunday with the tide.


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The annual guide to The Tables of Nantes identifies 150 restaurants and wine bars, urbi et orbi, tested by food critics volunteers. To be selected (free of charge), the addresses must apply and meet certain criteria, such as the use of local products and the obligation to propose the muscadet. Site dedicated well.


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