Marzo is now working as a duo. The eldest of the rue Paul-Louis-Courier (Vii ) is double of this little sister, she also posed in uptown. Between the Star and the Trocadero, it displays the same mine dapper and the same decor with dazzling white. And the pizzas also look good diet in the great wood oven spherical put behind the bar. Pizza from to the nines, as in the other addresses of Julien Cohen, in particular, on the side of the Pizza Chic (Life). The sage comes and tickle the formaggi (fior di latte, goat cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan) so that the amalfitana plays alliance tuna, tomato and red onions.

Bravo. The pizza more “raw” and served in antipasti, to let the nice role the dough: garlic and olive oil in particular, but also rosemary and lardo di Colonnata.

Damage. The price guys, the entrance to the dessert.

Marzo. 84, rue Lauriston (Xvi). Tel.: 01 45 05 51 78. Everyday. Pizza: …

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