The customer experience. This is the ground on which the airlines are trying to stand out today. Air Mauritius update on its fleet of modern aircraft which the average is 8 years of age, all with cabin facilities state of the art. Last arrived in its workforce, the Airbus A330neo, on board of which we embarked on its first flight to Mauritius from Toulouse. The opportunity to take the measure of the progress made in recent years in terms of cabin management. First, the seat-bed in business class is light years ahead of the old seat “shell” of A 340 that this company will soon remove its fleet. What adds the aspect of “sound” of the new Airbus: during the flight, the silence in the cabin is the feat, even if you do not notice it immediately, this has a huge impact on the fatigue of a journey.

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The economy class with only 8 seats front AM

In economy class, the device comprises a total of 260 seats. Each of them provides a basis of 45 centimetres between the two armrests, so that for some airlines such as Air Canada, it is reduced to 40 centimeters, which is not large!!! The layout contributes to making the cabin more pleasant: 2-seat side window 4 in the middle, i.e. a total of 8 front, 9 against, in some competitors. Finally, the space between the edge of the seat and the back of the front seat is 35 inches. Minimal details in appearance, but that make all the difference in terms of comfort. Of course, the two seats next to hublot are the most popular.

one and A half million passengers per year, the equivalent of the population of the country the business class with seats, beds am

In business class, 28 seats reclining to 180°. Take care to choose your seat depending on whether you are travelling alone or to both. Alone, choose seats in rows 2, 4, or 6 with the letters A or J. As a couple, it is better to choose rows 1, 3, 5 or 7 with the letters F and E. This is also true for the business class of the A350, which complement the fleet of Air Mauritius. In fact, the national airline of mauritius is also with this device, which features cabins very comfortable in the two classes. These two devices are the spearhead of this company’s singular that is vital to the economy of this island in the indian ocean.

The renewal of the fleet makes the entire strength of the company which carries 1.5 million passengers per year. The equivalent of the population of Mauritius, whose economy relies heavily on the high-end tourism. If Air Mauritius has 45% market share on all flights serving the island, it faces competition tough Turkish Airways or airlines of the Gulf. To defend its position, the national airline of mauritius, has signed the codeshare with Air France, Singapore Airlines or Kenya Airways. That said, the quality of its fixtures and booths remains its main asset.

Finally, the Paris-Mauritius, which represents the link the more important the company is to be jointly operated by Air France. Thus, even with an Air France ticket, prefer the flight operated by Air Mauritius: the onboard comfort is superior as well in business as in economy (Air France will use a Boeing 777 with an old seat configuration). Especially do flights with a connection in Saint-Denis of the Meeting, which are operated by Air France with appliances surdensifiés.


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