From the first glance, we can see that Porsche has not taken the risk to change everything about the eighth generation of its famous 911. More than fifty-five years, this icon must stay true to what it has been since its inception: a tremendous sports car, the best, for some. Let’s raise another question. Porsche has benefited from the launch of the new version of its 911 type 992, to reaffirm that it will remain animated by engine heat, even if the platform is suitable for hybridization. Other models, such as the Taycan, to ensure a position on the chessboard of the electric. The new 911 type has a six-cylinder engine (flat-six) flat 3.8-litre turbocharged engine developing, in version S, 450 bhp (more than 30 hp compared to the previous model). According to Porsche, the car pulls down the 0 to 100 km/h in 3, 7 seconds and reaches 308 km/h top speed. Always for S, combined fuel consumption normalized spring 8, 9 liters per 100 km (205 g CO2 emissions per kilometre).

The interior has been significantly modernised, and the display will switch to digital. Porsche.

driving Aids last cry

This mechanism is coupled to a transmission dual-clutch PDK 8 reports, chosen by 85% of clients. The manual transmission 7-speed’s not going to happen in a few months, as the version “basic”. The mechanical evolution of the most spectacular for the way back, now as wide as that of the current GTS. Like the last, the front and rear wheels are of different diameter (respectively 20 and 21 inches).

On board, the main novelty, the display will switch to digital. The passenger compartment has less buttons and the car is enriched with the driving aids of the last generation. There is a new mode, “Wet”, which automatically detects water on the road, and that préconditionne the control system according to the recommendations of the driver. A screen of 10, 9-inch is located in the centre of the dashboard, A delicious shift knob will evoke for some the grid of an electric shaver, for others, a micro.

The grid engine hosts in its centre the usual stop light. VICTOR JON GOICO

flush pulls

finally Arrive to the aesthetic. Do we recognize the traditional silhouette of the 911? Yes. But a lot of things have changed, or for the less evolved. The door handles are flush mounted. The body is wider by 45 mm at the front. Between the new headlights LED, a headband, reviewed, evokes the graphic design of the first generations of 911. The changes to the rear are more spectacular. A new spoiler, the more imposing is its appearance. The light signature is similar to that of the Macan, the grid engine seems to melt in the rear window. This grid hosts in its centre the usual stop light. The orders are open. Question rates, the 911 Carrera S is available from 120-125 euros in Germany (127 979 euros for the Carrera 4’s).

The lighting signature of the rear strip evokes that of the Macan. CB


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