What could be better than the night of new year’s eve to put on his 31? A protocol good idea is based on five required correct as required. At the top of the pyramid lies the appellation “white tie” or “queue-de-pie”, in English white tie or full formal. This level of formalism is no longer used in France. It is necessary to go in a royal court foreign to the see imposed. The “tuxedo” is sometimes designated to be outdated: the terms “black tie” does not mean tie classic but well butterfly, the francization of the label british, black tie. The ladies should wear the long dress. The tuxedo is black, almost obligatory, although the 1960’s and the duke of Windsor have is the emergence of a variant blue night vaguely acceptable.

Waistband with pleats, shirt with or without a chest protector, shoes, simple or varnish complete the ensemble. Any invention in the matter, butterfly bordeaux or long tie, is a affreuseté that it is necessary to eradicate them with force. “Dress” or lounge follows implies that the costume is de rigueur, ideally dark, charcoal gray or navy blue, plain or with a light chevron pattern tight for example. It is possible to wear the three-piece, with a vest of the same fabric or fancy, light gray, why not off-white or plum. Has to handle it with tact. On the side of women, they are free. The “tenue de cocktail” has evolved with the times. In the 1950s, it was a variation of the tuxedo with a jacket in velvet or shantung. Nowadays, a simple costume, a jacket rainbow or a blazer seem expedient, with or without a tie. Finally, casual chic hunting costume and associate the blazer with a cotton pants, corduroy or chinos. The port of the sleeve a little ostentatious allows you to remember with pleasure of the tie.


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