And if it led to a few “party favors taste” the menu for new year’s eve? Of rare spices, vinegars, unusual, oils, original… can come get rowdy with a hint of fantasy the classicism of a meal. If the salts of gold are causing controversy – they are often coated with a food additive, titanium dioxide E171, possible deleterious effects to other products that are just as festive offer a profile more terroir. Selection tested and validated.

Pepper oyster . The example of breton sailors of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, we wake up the critters with a blend of seven peppers crushed (see photo): black pepper, cubeb, Voatsiperifery, white Penja, bay Timur, bay Jamaica and bay of passion (Earth Exotic, 7,50 € 60 billion).

pink Salt of the Himalayas . The first charm of these crystals, their color due to high iron content. Second appeal, a cute nice and a strong taste, ideal on the flesh of a poultry or red meat (Eric Bur, 2,49 € 100 g).

Vinegar to the beans, tonkas . Crafted by chef Nicolas Bernardé, mof (best worker of France, he uses a feature on saint-jacques or white fish raw (5,90 € (20 cl).

Mustard with porcini mushrooms and French chips, black truffle of Provence . A condiment woody taste, a bit smoked, to add, for example, at the end of cooking a mushroom risotto (Mesh, 41,50 € 250 g, limited edition).

Pepper Neelamundi . It is the spice that chef Olivier Roellinger would carry on a deserted island. Grains with bluish reflections, spicy but not very powerful,
of this pepper of Kerala reveal floral aromas and a slight acidity towards the eucalyptus and lemon green. Perfect on of velvety, pureed vegetables (5,50 € (40 g).

pine nut Oil . Extracted by pressing seeds lightly toasted, this virgin oil brings a special touch to the seasoning a simple salad (Oil Guenard,
34,40 € 25 cl).

Pearls of white balsamic vinegar . These minisphères jellyfied that release under the tooth and the aroma of lemon can decorate with taste raw salmon (Le Comptoir Colonial, 8,70 € 50 (g).


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