Each has its bistro, a favorite, intimate hotel. We entrust them to mi-voice, with facial expressions of conspirators, suspicious. “Deserve you to be?”, seem to say these furrowed brows, before whispering an address.

The last “good plan” lies now at the heart of the Paris tourist: the Louvre. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the pyramid of Pei, is the largest museum in the world, has partnered with Airbnb to launch a contest in which the winner won a night at the museum. It was not – alas! – haunt the dark corridors, as Belphégor. Non-point: the Louvre was for the occasion transformed into a hotel suite.

The program was amazing: the gallery of the mona lisa was grown in the waiting room of spirit Ikea, for “a drink” and reach a spritz of the Mona Lisa. And then it was at the foot of the Venus de Milo , that was drawn up a table design and minimalist, in order to glean some gratin of jerusalem artichoke drizzled with organic wines. Finally, sirota a glass of …

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