About 60 percent of the German makes, not an Illusion: The state pension alone is not enough. In the face of falling Annuity rates and Inflation, it is almost shocking that nearly a third of the people who were recently interviewed for a survey Emnid for the “Bild am Sonntag”, are sure that your state pension will be enough.

Who wants to make provisions, can do state-funded or independent of it. Clearly, anyone Who does not want to put on a property, not coming to the stock markets. In Germany, a little welcome topic. In the spring of the Cologne-based Flossbach Research Institute asked, in cooperation with the market research Institute GfK about 1000 German, what would you do with 100,000 euros, if you had to create this for ten years. Instead of shares, selected approximately every third Gold as an investment. Around 30 per cent would leave the money in the account. Only 15 percent would trust to share.

pension How to own a property for retirement, contributes

The state pension alone is not enough, who wants to later life in old age without major financial Worries, must private saving. Also a property may be worth – and it is even encouraged by the state.

Katharina Grimm, Stiftung Warentest and the “slipper”-Portfolio

This fear is unfounded, says the Foundation goods test. The experts there have developed the “slipper-the Portfolio”. The strategy was named Slippers to cozy the House, to make it clear that the money system is convenient and straightforward. To be able to participate, need money investors two components: A money market account and a custody account. Both can be open up online. The Mix of defensive Save (money) and offensive (Depot) is suitable for savers who want monthly put money to the side for those who want to create a larger sum. Depending on the risk appetite, the yields are different: on the Defensive would mean that 75 percent of the money lands on the money market account, and only 25 percent in equities. Anyone who invests 50:50, chooses the middle ground, while 75 percent in stocks already is riskier – but also more return. If the “slipper”-a Portfolio or a strategy: Who wants to create Money, should clarify its own appetite for risk.

The product testers recommend as an equity investment in a ETF. The “Exchange traded funds” are exchange-traded funds. “The abbreviation stands for an investment Fund that is traded on the stock exchange”, the consumer. Unlike investment funds, ETFs would typically engage in no active securities selection.

“of ETFs is limited to the development of a stock market index. This can be a stock index such as the DAX, but also a bond Index such as the REX, the price development of German government reflects bonds. For investors, this means your ETF share always develops in the same way as the Index it represents. Minus the cost, of course, arise in the case of index funds in the Form of transaction costs and custody fees.” In short. Anyone who buys an ETF on the Dax, needs only the development of the Index, observe and know how the money system developed.

ETF money system without a Fund Manager

An ETF is automatically managed from one Computer. The fact that no Fund Manager ETfs have engages and shares in a Fund stacks or out throws, a further advantage: they are comparatively inexpensive. “Anyone who buys an ETF, generally pays no sales charge. And the administrative costs are often significantly lower than conventional investment funds,” the consumer advocates. “Many actively managed funds, this fee is more than 1.5 percent. Anyone who invests in contrast, a DAX-ETF in the German standard values, pays significantly less than 1.0 per cent management fee per year. The cost savings will be a direct benefit to the investors by a higher value development.”

But how does one buy an ETF? “If you want to regularly save, you close your Bank for a savings plan. You need to have a securities account”, explain the product testers. Onvista Bank is particularly attractive, since they offer the designs for free. The Postbank as a branch Bank to be particularly favorable. Basically, most of the banks offer deposits – that was a few years ago. But the money houses have realized that this cheap Form of saving attract new customers.

When choosing the right indexes, investors have plenty of choice. “Our customers buy predominantly equity products, with the distance from the front of the savings plans on the world index of MSCI,” says Henning Seeler from the product management of Comdirect Bank to the “Handelsblatt”. “It is a broad-based share investment across the globe.” In addition to such real existing indices there are also ETF’s which represent a notional indices, so, for example, only in environmentally sustainable papers to invest.

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supplemental dental insurance for milk teeth children

For the milk teeth, you should complete any dental insurance. Only when these have fallen out, and with the descendant of the second teeth, a dental insurance for children is recommended. The insurer shall conclude a contract for a dental insurance, however, only if the dentist of your child, attest to the perfect condition of the teeth. Treatments are already underway or planned, and assumes no insurance this protection. With good care and regular inspection you can get the dental health of your children for many years and do not need this policy. The benefits are often to a certain amount per year. In the case of orthodontics parents pay mostly for years before the offspring adopts the services. It is more reasonable that the amounts to build up savings and to pay in case of need. The cost of braces can be taken in many cases as a proportion of the health insurance companies.


©Jochen Tack/ Picture Alliance savings plan is also for young people, feasible

ETF savings there is a plane starting at 25 euros per month – can afford also to younger people. The product testers have calculated that a saver who has saved from 2008 to 2018, 200 euros per month, has achieved an annual return of more than eleven percent, and a terminal asset of approximately 42.750 Euro. Who has pushed the same amount in a money market account, receives only 24.308 Euro. To save a person who has even started already in 1988, in the case of a pure stock Portfolio to around 212.600 Euro. Who a mixed Portfolio (One half in shares, and the other on the daymoney in account) is around 162.450 Euro. Particularly convenient: it Is short of money, you can stop the Sparerei. A money rushes hold increase in to the house, you can increase the savings rate, loose. “A savings plan at any time to adjust,” says the tester.

Under www.test.de you can get fee more information about the Slippers-the Portfolio of financial tester.


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