discussions about sexism are cumbersome, lengthy, and racing counter-arguments, which are practiced for generations. Women are then, as a Mare biting and Bitching. As is often said, that men were discriminated against, and only women were promoted, or that the wage gap was a myth. All Bullshit, says Sorority, a career platform for networking of women in Austria.

Just how can the myths, without a family celebration blown up in the air, a political discussion at the Inn for the serious rift and the relationship to staff be sensitive will be disturbed? To argue outside of their own bubble is often fall the unusual Terrain with many tripping hazards.

The book No More Bullshit, published by the Sorority, wants to help, and brings together authors from academia, business and the arts. On the first few pages is described to counter as and when it makes sense, as rhetorical distractions to respond, or to personal attacks. It is not in the case of the presented strategies is to let the Opposite as fools, on the contrary. It Demands, therefore, to find Consistency in Details and not to expose the facts.

For the Latter, the second, the largest part of the book delivers a lot of ammo. In several contributions, the authors of everyday sayings get to the bottom of, such as: a quota, in the quality suffer. And: Unfortunately, not a woman for the Podium was found. Or: feminism is too extreme. The answers are well-grounded, well-documented and are summarized at the end of the text once compressed.

This article dates back to the TIME no 43/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

argues An entrepreneur, why it is still a myth that women were professionally all the doors open. You are told by headhunters that provided mainly male candidates, while the Director reports to a digital Agency of their own experiences: “If the customer requests our Team is that it is not the experienced Consulting-Boss, but the male Intern at the strategy presentation stops in front of the Board”, then the old stereotypes would be tangible.

sexism is still everywhere. In the workplace, in school, in the tram, and online. Sometimes he is open and brutal, especially in the social networks. Often it happens, but almost by the way, a short, hearty saying to the cashier in the supermarket, a phrase, a word. Many turn away then coyly, trying everyday to ignore sexism. No More Bullshit is a Handbook for all who build more social courage, as well as against sexism and appeal.

Sorority (EDS.): No More Bullshit. Kremayr & Scheriau, Wien 2018; 176 PP., 19,90 €


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