most of The clutches of luxury inspired by athletic shoes but their creations are not functional. In truth, they have the look of sports”, slice Yong Bae Seok, the controls of the style of a new brand concept to the spikes. This Korean established in Milan since the early 2000s, says after having long worked in the collections of sneakers from several of the large Italian houses, the designers at the sportswear. A solid experience, which however is not the sole reason for his recruitment by the group vendors such s. In truth, this is more his initial training as a designer, generalist, and his early career working for automotive companies on projects of “concept-cars”, where everything is absolutely allowed, which appealed to Diego Della Valle for this project No_Code called to become a label in its own right.

As its name implies, this development is “in progress” seeks to break the mold, go beyond boundaries, and inspire other sectors, cross-influences, build bridges, and lead to transfer of skills to produce creations that go off the beaten path. An original approach that brings – all the same – to be a shoe in as the first edition. Unveiled last week in the framework of the parades of men’s fashion, and marketed in the stride through the world, the model name Shoeker is formed of a rod like a sock, which is associated with an outsole in gum that has been the subject of extensive research to optimize both the comfort, flexibility and grip.

it is not of course without mentioning these néosneakers with a body mesh that was first seen on the catwalks of designers sharp, quickly followed by all oems sports. “Unlike most of the sneakers which are produced at the other end of the world regardless of their price range, the Shoeker is made in Italy as all products of the brand tod’s,” insists Young Bae Seok who is currently working with engineers of textiles in order to develop other models of jacquards decreased until the tip of the feet. From there to what No_Code looks tomorrow on the clothing, there may be only one step.


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