“today, gardening and cooking, this is revolutionary!” says Olivier Roellinger, who is not a man to chew his words. Pandemonium in the heads, of many more to close ranks to defend a new philosophy of gastronomy. These indignant culinary advocate for an attitude concerned with the quality, but even more aware of the urgency to safeguard biodiversity, preserve the environment, to assure producers a fair remuneration…

It was time! After the first alerts were launched in early 1980s by the Slow Food movement the Italian Carlo Petrini, and the initiatives of visionaries such as Michel Guérard, Michel Bras, Alain Passard and Alain Ducasse, it’s finally starting to move behind the stove and on the outside. Everyone does it in his way, with his weapons. Last September, in Turin, it is wielding a fork, a symbol, that the owner of the Maisons de Bricourt, to …

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