They are known to be 11 years old in college and have never left since. Caesar and Dorian, parisian to the tips of the hair, have scoured bars, concert halls and record stores in the Eleventh district. If today the two young musicians from 24 years to travel the world, they remain committed to their capital native. “When we founded our first band, we had 13-14 years of age. It dried up the course… but to make music!” Adolescence in Paris, these fans of the Rolling Stones and Supertramp keep the memories of recording studios searched desperately to be able to repeat and rock concerts. A few years later, the two create a musical identity based on a blend of rock, pop and electro that they want to “dusty, with material and an organic sound”.

Out of the XIe, Dorian made a few incursions in the Ninth district: “I’m going home Mad Movies, a shop and a magazine specialized in the horror film. We can speak with the seller for hours”, when Caesar drags his gaiters Green Linnet (Fourth): “I literally spent five months of my life playing billiards!”

The Small Barrels. 17, rue du Faubourg-du-temple (Eleventh). The Small Casks give in to the night

Just in front of the Gibus is this place known in the whole of Paris. A place where one can surrender to the night. We can eat, drink, continue the party until the end of the night. It reminds us of the good old times of the Gibus, when we were there often.

Small Tonneaux17, rue du Faubourg-du-Temple (Xe). Tel.: 01 44 84 00 90.

“Battle” of burgers

On this topic, we oppose! Dorian is a fan of Blend, Caesar prefers Big Fernand. For Dorian, the burger Blend are more refined, the bread is very good and smaller. For Caesar, the burgers at Big Fernand are more innovative… We won’t agree, choose your camp!

Blend. 15, rue de Charonne (Xi).Tel.: 01 48 07 10 78.

Big Fernand. 36, rue de la Roquette (Xi). Tel.: 01 85 15 24 08.

Our first “real concert”

This place is legendary to us, because he has played concerts anthology, but also because we have made our first “concert seriously.” Today, the room is also become a club, but still a place linked to the music.

The Gibus. 18, rue du Faubourg-du-Temple (Eleventh). Tel.: 01 43 57 44 21.

The wave Mechanics. 8, passage Thiéré (XI e). The Mechanical atmosphere is very rock

This is the bar where we were both hanging out still when we were young with our friends. The atmosphere, decoration with a piano broken, the concerts and the DJ, the perfect place when we were at the bottom in the rock! Our friends in the group Howlin’ Jaws played there often, we never.

wave Mechanics. 8, passage Thiéré (Xi). Tel.: 01 43 55 69 14.

The studio of our beginnings

This place is above all a place of memories. It is here that we have done our first weapon, very young. At age 14, we were already connected to music and were looking for studios in which to repeat when it was time. We could go on lunch break and spend 10-11 euros per hour to play on instruments that are damaged…

Studio Campus. 12 bis, rue Froment (Xi). Tel.: 01 43 55 44 03.

Born Bad record shop. 11, rue Saint-Sabin (XI e). Damien Paillard / The Figaro A record shop and a label of dream

Even if it is primarily a record store, Born Bad is also an independent label that is the dream of all young musicians, including us. When we were very young and we start the music, this independent record label made us drool. Sign up with them was the holy Grail at the time.

Born Bad record shop. 11, rue Saint-Sabin (Xi). Tel.: 09 53 07 84 58.


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